9 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Reception Fun and Alive

9 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Reception Fun and Alive

9 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Reception Fun and Alive

Nobody wants a dull wedding reception which gets boring over time. The guests have endured the vows and formal parts of the day, so now they’re expecting a change in atmosphere. Whether you have great wedding food catering prepared for your hungry guests, or you have the most magical venue to prove your creativity; it just won’t cut it if everyone’s not enjoying themselves.

So, how can you keep the party amused and alive? Here are tips on how best you can handle an enjoyable and worthwhile reception:

Introductions as Part of the Program

Receptions aren’t just about wedding food caterings or fun and games; to make for a truly meaningful and enjoyable wedding reception, have your host introduce the (important) members of the family of the bride and groom. Bear in mind that, other than the public proclamation of each other’s love, what makes a wedding ceremonious is the binding of two families into one.

9 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Reception Fun and Alive
9 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Reception Fun and Alive

Do Not Let Guests Feel Hunger

The worry while the solemn vows are going on in church, is that the dinner portion of the reception will be much later on. This will definitely receive groans and (possibly) disapproval from the guests. Prepare hors d’oeuvres (appetizers) when guests start settling in their tables. If guests are hungry, chances are they will lose interest in the program, and automatically consider it boring.

Photo Booths are a Thing

The young generation may enjoy photo effects or simple selfies with wacky faces via their mobile phones however, the effect of having a photo booth creates a bond between different families and form new acquaintances. Ensure a variety of photo booth items—hats, headwear, glasses, wigs, masks—to keep guests of all ages entertained. Make sure guests can get their own copy of the photos as a souvenir of memories to come.

Time Management is a Must

From the cocktails to the toast, to the rounds played in different wedding games, you just got to make sure there is ample time for every part of the program. The games, for instance, shouldn’t take too long depending on its mechanics and number of players. Adjustments should always be readily prepared, but it is advised to plan everything with your event planner beforehand.

Surprise the Guests with the Unexpected

Speaking of time management, if you think you still have enough program hours to fit in a special surprise—whatever it may be as planned—do so. What’s better than astonishing guests with something that’s not explicitly stated in the program, but is executed with grace? It might as well be the highlight of the evening’s event.

Get into the Dance Floor as Soon as Possible

Dance parties are looked forward to every wedding reception, especially in the Philippine context. Filipino families simply love dancing, and it expresses just about anything: happiness, celebration, and get together. So, always provide the venue with upbeat music fitting the course of the program to keep everyone on their feet.

Give Guests Freedom

The opportunity to become strict and proper was done during the wedding vows and blessings at church, so do your guests a little favor, and be a little lenient. This doesn’t mean, however, that you will give them the freedom to do whatever they want to the point you or your event planner can no longer gain control. Remember freedom doesn’t mean the rules are theirs. Set a limit.

Create online interaction

It’s becoming one of the features when it comes to events such as debuts and weddings: the use of hashtags for every photo and post related to the event. This keeps the guests active on their photoactivity, and they can even grow acquainted online through the hashtag. It’s also a convenience to the newlyweds as it gives them easier access to all photos and posts from the day.

Ask For Suggestions

The moment you start planning for your wedding reception, don’t be afraid to ask suggestions from friends and family. The reason why a reception gets dull and common is that people tend to stick to the norms and expectations of a traditional wedding reception. This isn’t the case, especially in the present time. Be more creative, think outside the box, and never regret asking for even the silliest wedding reception idea.

Key Takeaway

Wedding reception never is to be dull and boring when you know what to do, and you’ve got the proper way of handling the crowd. It’s just like a speech: you have to keep everyone’s attention and amusement going, or else they lose interest the moment the program starts.

Remind your guests that they only need to participate in order to feel the fun, but that rest assured that the part they are to participate will keep the reception on its peak. A fun and lively wedding reception is about the guests not wanting the night to end.

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