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Which diamond certificate should we prefer when shopping

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Diamond buying tips: Which diamond certificate should we prefer when shopping

Diamond buying tips

Have you ever thought about whether the diamonds you buy at high amounts are fake or not? We are sure that many of you are not sure if the quality of the diamond you have purchased is worth the money you are paying, whether it has a valid certificate or not. Diamond certification is the most important criterion to consider when evaluating the quality of the diamond you have purchased. The certificate is an important document that evaluates the value of the diamond. Through very special tests, the Diamond reveals the value of reality. Different certificates are issued according to the type, size, and value of the diamond. Information such as the degree of cut, shape information, date and report number of the stone is certified include the information contained in the certificate.

About Diamond Certificates

Information such as the degree of cut, shape information, date and report number of the stone is certified include the information contained in the certificate. Diamond certificate issued by the Institute of independent stone science, with the help of a variety of technical tools in their fields of experts as a result of a detailed examination of the Stone revealed a report. If the diamond and precious stones on the jewelry have a size of up to 0.3 Karata, the manufacturer’s own certificates are sufficient. If the accessory you intend to buy is a valuable gemstone above 0.3 karats, you need to request an international certificate from the jeweler you purchase.

Gemmological laboratory

A gemological laboratory is a special place where precious stones are tested and documented by authorized persons. Most of these labs are state-funded institutions. It is important that the laboratory is in international standards and that the documents they provide are valid worldwide. Do not rely on certificates issued by local laboratories. Also, be aware that some laboratories may abuse their authority.

Are diamond certificates reliable?

Yes! If the diamond you have purchased has a certificate of international validity, you can trust it. You can inquire and confirm the validity of the certificate from the relevant website on the internet. Don’t confuse gem and diamond certificates with one another. Two are very different certificates.

Which Diamond certificate should we prefer?

The certificate of a diamond is like the identity of that diamond. Determines its quality, value, and shape. When buying a diamond, you need to examine the certificate in detail and understand the information written in the certificate. These certificates are issued in the gemology laboratory after very special tests. The color, brightness and general properties of the diamond are examined by microscopes. The price of a diamond varies depending on 4 properties of the diamond. Although it may look the same from the naked eye, no diamond is the same as the other. 4C separates diamonds from each other. (Carat, Clarity, Cut, Colour ). There is a difference from certificate to certificate. If you use stones less than 0.30 Ct on your own, you can use the certificate given by the manufacturer without any trouble. However; If the size of the diamond is 0.30 and above, you need the certificate of an independent laboratory. These laboratories determine the true color and clarity properties of the stone with very expensive devices that are unique to diamonds.

VVS diamond

The Diamond Stone has different properties. “Very Very Slight Included Diamonds or VVS Diamonds”  can only be understood by looking at a special microscope. His clarity is perfect. There is no trace on the stone. It is rare in nature and very valuable. It is the first place among the most valuable stones in the sector. Diamonds with a degree of clarity of i1, i2, and i3 are the worst. VS and VSS diamonds are the most lucid diamonds. SI1 and SI2 diamonds are the best-selling diamond groups.

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