What To Look While Buying A Real Diamond Engagement Ring

What To Look While Buying A Real Diamond Engagement Ring

What To Look While Buying A Real Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement day is the most precious day in everyone’s life. All wants to make this day the most beautiful. When we talk about engagement, it is unacceptable to forget the real diamond engagement rings.

On engagement day, real diamond ring is the special obsession, because it is the mark of love. It will destroy your charm of getting engaged if the diamond seller has cheated you. Here are some ways to spot the fake diamond.

Water Test:

The real diamond is having high density. If the diamond in your hand is a fake it will float underneath or on the surface of water. You just need to have a glass of water, and drop the loose diamond in the water carefully.

Fog Test:

Real diamond does not retain the heat well. Thus, if you blow on the real diamond it will not get foggy. Even if you blow hot air, a real diamond will be crystal clear in just a jiffy, but if it takes several seconds, the diamond in your hand is likely to be fake one. Loose diamond is not necessary, you can try this test on diamond jewelry too.

UV light test:

To check in a different way you can use UV light. Place the diamond under UV light and see the color reaction. If it expel blue colored glow it is real. Yet not all the real diamonds emits blue colored glow. Thus, if it does not glow it does not perfectly indicate that the diamond is fake.

Loupe Test:

Loupe is a small magnifier glass used by jewelers. You can get a loupe from any diamond shop. If you have real diamond you can try this test at home. A fake diamond is made to look flawless, but also it will look completely different than real one. Yet, there are so many fake diamonds which will look a little too perfect when examine under a loupe.

What To Look While Buying A Real Diamond Engagement Ring
What To Look While Buying A Real Diamond Engagement Ring

Transparency Test:

A real diamond should reflect light so intensely that you can not see through it. if you have a loose diamond at your place and not sure about whether it is real or not. Put a newspaper or magazine near it and try to read it through. If you can than the diamond is not at all real. 

The Dot Test:

If a news paper or magazine is not available right now or you don’t want to check it like that, dot test is a perfect alternative. Put a blank white paper on the table and make a dot upon it. After that try to look at the dot by putting the pointed end of diamond on it. If you can see a circle design through it, the diamond is a fake. If you can not see anything through it, the diamond is real one. 

Heat Test:

Try this test if you do not care about destroying the diamond if this is unreal. The diamond is an extremely strong gem. If you put the real diamond on high heat, and immediately drop it in a glass of ice cold water, it will not shatter. Otherwise, it is a fake.

X-Ray Test:

If the diamond is real it will show up in the X-Ray too. While fake diamonds can not be seen in X-Ray.


These are the ways to examine whether the diamond is real or not. By trying this test before purchasing a diamond jewel for your loving one, you will not get cheated. Your engagement day is a special day for you, to make it more precious you should buy the diamond engagement rings in USA carefully.

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