Plan fairytale wedding 2017!

Plan a fairytale wedding in 2017!

Are you planning your 2017 wedding?

Why not make it a fairytale by choosing a gorgeous cottage location where you and your guests might have the best time of your life?

There are endless options to consider from this perspective across the globe and numerous ways of surprising your guests with special details meant to transform your wedding into the best event of this year. We have done our research and have found the best destinations for your cottage wedding. Discover these below and see what they can offer you in terms of perfect wedding venues!


A  magic fairytale cottage: Plan a fairytale wedding in 2017!


Plan fairytale wedding 2017!


An intimate country cottage wedding in Serenity, Ontario

The first choice today comes from Ontario and is a cottage wedding venue located in Serenity. You can plan a traditional wedding there that will not lack the luxurious elements you need to make it a perfect event. The Georgian Bay has everything you want in terms of wedding venue attractions. Give your guests the rural cottage feel they expect to find and they will be mesmerized by the panoramic view of the bay. If you want your own personal beautiful backdrop for the wedding, then this is the perfect venue to consider. You can get married by the lake with your backs to the sunset and your face towards the light that shall guide you in your new family life.

You can plan a medium wedding there with up to 85 guests enjoying a sit-down kindof wedding meal in a fairytale tent. You can also arrange indoor settings for your guests and have some parking spots ready for those travelling there by car. There is also the possibility of ensuring staying in conditions for some of your guests as well as the possibility to pay extra fees for tent usage according to your own needs and requirements.

This cottage venue is perfect for those who want to plan a special wedding in an extraordinary location. There are talented local photographers that can provide you their services and make sure you create amazing memories in this gorgeous region. Make sure you book the venue well in advance and plan everything in detail to make your wedding the best event of 2017.

Casual, private and intimate weddings in Westwind Inn right on the lake

Another great option for you to consider as an intimate cottage wedding venue is Westwind Inn on Kawartha Lakeside. You can take advantage of the services provided by this exclusive resort and plan a medium size wedding where up to 70 guests can enjoy the special event. Everything you need can be ensured there according to your budget. All you have to do is book the venue in advance and start planning the way in which your wedding should take place so as to match your allocated budget.  You can plan a gorgeous, private ceremony on the lake and have the best local photographers capture the best moments from the ceremony.

Escape to luxury cottage conditions at JW Marriott

For those who wish to combine private, intimate wedding conditions with luxurious services, we recommend JW Marriott as the perfect wedding venue. This place is located at the Rosebay and offers yourself and your guests the opportunity to experience the perfect sense of peace and calm in a gorgeous setting of great luxury combined with traditional elements. You can plan a fantastic wedding there to exceed all expectations and wow your guests in a pleasant way. You can benefit from exquisite wedding menus and gracious services ensured by professionals focusing on perfect comfort for their guests.

Finally, any of the above-mentioned locations as well as any unusual wedding venues Suffolk has to offer can become your top choice for 2017. They offer you everything you need in terms of fairytale venues and services to plan the perfect intimate wedding ceremony that everyone will want to attend.

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