Wedding Mistakes to Avoid: From String Lights to DIY Everything

Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Mistakes to Avoid: From String Lights to DIY Everything

The wedding is one of the most special events in one’s life. Because of its monumental importance, organizing a wedding can be very stressful – after all, everything has to be perfect, right? However, striving for perfection and trying to save some money here and there (did we mention that weddings are expensive too?) can lead to numerous mistakes that can turn that day into chaos ‒ or at least ruin some crucial detail. If you are in the middle of planning a wedding, here are some mistakes that can be avoided easily.

Going too minimalist

While over-the-top décor, crying-for-attention ice sculptures and too conspicuous floral centerpieces are something we (hopefully) left in the past, there is a new trend threatening to ruin the venue appearance – going too minimalist. Minimalistic décor can look beautiful, but if you go too far with it, your ceremony and venue can look bare and unfinished. If you want things to look fresh and natural, but not too eye-catching, you can go with clean linens and casually arranged wildflowers.

Wedding Mistakes to Avoid: From String Lights to DIY Everything
Wedding Mistakes to Avoid: Going too minimalist

Being too casual with the timing

Nobody wants to stress about the wedding timing, but let us tell you a secret: better now than later. There are numerous problems that can occur if you don’t get your timing right. You can be late to the ceremony, the wedding guests can be stuck in traffic, and last but not least, the wedding pictures can be ruined. If the sun is at its highest point, the chances are that, no matter how good your photographer is, the photos will be too bright. The best time of the day to have your pictures taken is just before the sunset.

DIY everything

The DIY fever that has caught the wedding décor world is appealing and often amazing. But, unless you are a professional florist and proficient in writing wedding signs and other décor-related tasks, you should stick to the things you know best. Also, the amount of DIY project should be adapted to the level of formality of your chosen wedding venue, because a casual wildflower bouquet in a mason jar is not really a great choice for an elegant wedding venue.

Not considering the weather conditions

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are simply beautiful. But what if you live in London where rain can surprise you any minute? Or you are organizing a wedding in Sydney where the summers can be unbearably hot? The weather can significantly affect the mood of the bride and groom to be and also make the guests anxious. Fortunately, there are plenty of wedding venues in Sydney that can make this easier for you by providing enough shade or offering an air-conditioned indoor space in case of extreme heat. This is something you should check before you make your final decision regarding the venue.

Wedding Mistakes to Avoid: From String Lights to DIY Everything
Wedding Mistakes to Avoid: Not considering the weather conditions

Not devoting time to the seating arrangement

The wedding is the most precious event for the bride and the groom, but that doesn’t mean the guests are irrelevant. One of the things that can make the guests feel uncomfortable is a poorly thought out seating chart, which results in them sitting at the table with complete strangers. Make sure you think this through and discuss it with your partners. If there is no chance to accommodate someone by placing them next to the person they know, at least try to have people of same age sitting at the same table.

Being too casual with the lighting

String lights look beautiful, but they have their flaws.  During a summer wedding, they tend to attract a bunch of insect. More importantly, they often don’t provide the sufficient lighting for wedding pictures. Lighting is definitely something you should discuss with your photographer so that you can achieve both flattering and romantic illumination.

Too light or too heavy food

Overly light and overly heavy food will equally keep your guests off the dancing floor. Make sure you find some middle ground and combine lighter meals with tummy-filling recipes, which will keep the guests’ energy levels high until the end of the party.

As you see, planning a wedding isn’t at all easy, but all of these mistakes can be avoided. The most important mistake to avoid, though, is not having fun.

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