How to Survive a Wedding Photo Shoot

How to Survive a Wedding Photo Shoot

Just Keep Smiling: How to Survive a Wedding Photo Shoot

A wedding photo is incredibly important, because the right one can preserve a moment forever. The only hiccup is that a photo shoot can last about two hours or more, which is probably making you a little anxious since you are going to have to keep a smile on your face for quite a while. The following tips should help you survive the wedding shoot, though.

Warm up That Smile

The first thing that you want to do is warm up your smile since you are going to be wearing it for some time. You want to open up your mouth as wide as you can for a few seconds. You can close it afterward, and just repeat the process a few times. You also want to close your mouth and puff out your cheeks. Leave them puffed for a few seconds before releasing the air, which should help you warm up your cheeks. Do this before your photo shoot and during breaks. This will help make it so that your smile looks natural and not painfully strained and forced.

Liven up Your Mood

Your mood can get you through a long photo shoot. The truth is that genuine smiles come from within. You cannot stop yourself from smiling when you feel good, or maybe you can have your partner share a few jokes with you to keep you smiling throughout the session. Perhaps it would even be a good idea to play your favorite music while the shoot is going on.

Confidence Matters

You might not think this matters, but feeling good about your smile does start with a healthy smile. This means that your teeth should look beautiful. You want to start with a good checkup with a dentist, such as one at Aurora Smiles Dental Care, to see if there are any visible issues that need to be dealt with such as cracks, plaque buildup and stains. The truth is that your oral care visit might be as simple as whitening your teeth, but this visit is worth it because you will feel confident about smiling throughout the entire photo shoot. Some people who have bad teeth can get easily embarrassed when they are having their picture taken, and so then tend to hide their teeth. Taking this precaution first will give you the confidence to open your mouth wide with pride!

Of course, these are just a few suggestions that may help you get through the photo shoot. You can also talk to your photographer to see if he or she has any additional suggestions as the professional has probably done many of these photo shoots.

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