Want a special location to propose someone special - Go Finland

Want a special location to propose someone special – Go to Finland!

Want a special location to propose someone special – Go Finland!

Life is full of special moments that make us feel unique and happy to be alive and able to experience these with the people we love and keep close to our hearts. Our family and friends are the ones that matter the most in our life. When the time comes to find someone with whom you want to share your life, the marriage proposal is a very important step to take and it should be made to an exotic destination where you two could create amazing memories for yourselves. Today we have considered Finland as the perfect special location where you can propose to your someone special in a unique way. Let’s see why. 

 Want a special location to propose someone special - Go Finland


Finland: perfect location for a romantic break

Finland is a perfect location for a romantic break due to its gorgeous capital, Helsinki as well as other amazing cities in which there are numerous touristic attractions to consider. You can choose it for the big proposal, for your magnificent honeymoon as well as when you simply want to break free from current day concerns and challenges and spend quality time with your life partner in a gorgeous destination.

Helsinki is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It features numerous spas, gorgeous hotels of all types and standards as well as a wide range of great artwork created by the most talented artists in the world. It is also a gorgeous location in the winter season when you can engage in great activities like riding snowmobiles, staying in an igloo, snow-shoeing or rally driving.

Just imagine yourself proposing in one of these circumstances – it would be a unique experience to live! Moreover, you can also sail in an ice-breaker and witness the amazing experience of Huskies dogsledding while getting ready to surprise your life partner with a gorgeous ring as the symbol of the love you share.

Want a special location to propose someone special - Go Finland


Experience the winter wonderland in the Finnish Lapland

Given the fact that the winter season is here, we could not think of a more romantic way of proposing to someone you love than by taking her to the winter wonderland in the Finnish Lapland where all the holiday magic seems to be everywhere. When the holiday joy is combined with the amazement of being in such a gorgeous location, fun and pure happiness are the words that will mark this experience.

Enjoying the active getaway in the wilderness of this amazing region will make you feel alive again and recharge your batteries instantly. Not to mention the fact that you will make the woman next to you so happy just because you have chosen to propose in a special way surrounded by amazing landscapes and the purity of white snow. You can even sleep in a thrilling Aurora Bubble that night and experience the gorgeous Northern Lights dancing across the Finnish sky.

White snow, amazing lights to set up the mood and love all around! This is what we call a perfect atmosphere for a marriage proposal to remember for a lifetime. Enjoy the Aurora Borealis snowshoeing and take in the peaceful rides of Husky Sledding. Visiting Nellim is a great choice also because it is one of the best locations where the Northern Lights can be noticed during this season.

Propose during the Winter Wonderland Holiday

There is nothing more exciting than enjoying the winter in Finland when you also choose to be there for the Winter Wonderland Holiday at the amazing Hotel Kaevala. This could be the perfect opportunity that you were waiting for to make the great gesture and ask your loved one to become family. This hotel is in central Finland and offers great accommodation conditions for couples looking to spend a romantic holiday in the land of magic.

Get ready for interesting outdoor activities that will shape the atmosphere for the proposal in the evening. Connect with the world of Huskies and engage in snowmobile safaris to increase the level of entertainment during your trip. Everything is allowed there on the snow and perfect relaxation in the cold and the hot saunas is highly recommended. Enjoy your holidays to Finland because these are totally worth it!

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