Wedding Guest Wow!

Wedding Guest Wow

Wedding Guest Wow!
Standout Styles for Every Invite

As wedding season approaches, you are probably wondering what I should wear and what style of dress would be suitable for a range of weddings. You need to pick something that’s not only appropriate but also comfortable and makes you feel confident. Weddings usually take up the whole day so comfort is key among everything else but additionally, you want to feel beautiful.

So we’ve answered all your questions about what wedding guest dresses are a must this wedding season!

wedding guest look
Unforgettable looks for every wedding occasion. Find the perfect outfit to make a lasting impression as a wedding guest.

Wedding Guest Wow!

Unforgettable wedding guest looks for every occasion. Discover “Wedding Guest Wow!” for standout styles that’ll make you the talk of the town.

Anything With Bows

We all know that bows are very in right now so you shouldn’t skip on the opportunity when adding or finding dresses with some bow detailing. Whether it’s on the back, front or bottom, please add the bow. It’s so cute and innocent, which makes it perfect for a wedding.

Whether you are into this trend or not, there are suitable ways you can add bows to your spring wedding guest outfit, and that’s through a little clip, around your neck, earrings or even adding a bow on your shoes and bag. You might as well get creative with it, as it’s not every day you get invited to a fabulous wedding where you can dress up.

Feather Trims

Feathers are most definitely in this season and while this would be perfect for a winter wedding, you can really wear a feather whenever you want. You obviously don’t want to take a lot of attention away from the bride so make sure you are suitable with this, like making sure the trim is at the bottom of the dress or on the cuffs. This is a perfect accent but definitely not too much.

Tweed Suit

Did someone just say Chanel? I mean, why not pay homage to the late Karl Lagerfeld and wear something fabulous in tweed? A pantsuit for class but a top and skirt would also be extremely fabulous. It adds such a sophisticated look to the wedding guest’s looks, and of course, I had to add something that was for the girls who don’t like to wear dresses.

This option would be great for a cool spring wedding but also would go a long way for a winter wonderland wedding with cute pastels in contrast with snow! It’s a dream.


All thanks to the Oscar-winning film ‘Poor Things. Ruffles are basically the up-and-coming bow, and I am here for it. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to pick a gorgeous dress with some ruffles here and there.

A wedding is the perfect opportunity to experiment and wear something you wouldn’t usually wear, so why not go for the ruffles this spring/summer?

Classic Minimal

There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it plain and simple. A maxi plain dress can allow you to go big with accessories, whether it’s big earrings, creating an earring stack with your favourite tragus and flat back earrings, a flashy clutch or even a chunky belt to add some structure. Why not go for a backless, plain dress? This is always a showstopper and is so elegant that it would suit every kind of occasion and any wedding theme.

Not everyone wants something bold and out there but if something is amazing about minimal dresses, it is that they never go out of style so you could wear that one specific dress for 6 weddings and style it in six different ways because, why the hell not?


I mean, could we have a wedding guest dress inspiration blog and not include flowers? Of course, these are the top picks for spring and summer weddings. Give the people what they want and wear a cute, gorgeous, bright floral dress. It is one of the only times you will be able to wear something so grand with floral prints so you might as well make the most of it.

If you aren’t sure what colors to wear, then stick with the classics, such as yellow, baby blue and pink.

Some Things To Consider

There is always a range of things you might consider when buying a dress for a wedding, such as length, color, and weather.

So here are some key things to consider before you click pay.


If you are wondering what length is appropriate for a wedding, then just go with something safe. A midi length is a solid middle ground to stick with, or a not-too-mini dress can be cute as a summer wedding guest outfit.


Pastels, florals, and even dark shades of dresses and pantsuits are more than appropriate, but just make sure you are checking if there is a theme first. If you are free to wear what you please, always go for a soft colored dress, and of course, stay away from white, creams, or anything relatively close to the colour white.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect wedding guest dress or outfit might seem stressful, but it’s actually the perfect opportunity to go girly and have fun with it. As long as you are respectful and feel confident, then you are good to go! When in doubt, refer to popular sites with these categories or have a gander through Pinterest.

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