10 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

10 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

10 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

Although it is relatively unheard of, there is such a thing called as wedding etiquette. A good wedding etiquette means that as a wedding guest, you would know how to conduct yourself on a bride’s biggest and most precious day.

Unfortunately, more often than not, the lines between what is considered politely acceptable and downright discourteous are often blurred leaving guests inadvertently offending either the wedding couple or some other guests.

However, it is of paramount importance that you conduct yourself appropriately during their big day if you do not wish to ruffle some feathers or even strain your relationship.

To ensure that you do, here are some of the things you must absolutely not do in anyone’s wedding:

  • Do not show up other than your intended “plus one”

More often than not, the invitation indicates the number of invitees. Be courteous and strictly follow the couple’s wishes by not inviting anyone other than those indicated in the invitation. If the invitation indicates you can bring a plus one and your boyfriend, fiancé or any significant other cannot make it, do not bring your friend in place of them. They are not exchangeable and your guests would not want to see a surprise guest.

  • Do not wear anything too sexy

Upstaging the bride on her wedding day is a no-no. You do not want everyone’s attention on you on her big day, and you definitely do not want yourself and your risqué dress to be everyone’s topic during dinner.

  • Do not play photographer

Do not ruin any memorable wedding shots by playing wedding photographer and standing in the way of the professional photographer. Leave it to the professionals.

  • Do not get hammered

The wedding reception is not a place to get hammered and it is definitely not happy hour. Getting hammered in a wedding reception will only obligate the bride and groom to find a designated driver to drive you home. And really, do you want to be a hassle on their wedding night?

  • Do not switch seats

The couple chose to seat you in a designated table for a reason. Try to honor their wishes by sitting there. If you wish to change seats, do so after dinner.

  • Interrupt during any of the toasts

If you wish to make a toast, do so at your own time and ask the emcee. It is rude to interrupt other guests while they are making their toasts.

  • Reveal anything embarrassing during your toast

Now is probably not the best time to share a fraternity anecdote you and the groom shared in your college years, neither is it the best time to tell everyone in the room about the roaring parties you and the bride once had. Remember, those are probably the moments that your friend would not want every single one of her/his wedding guests to know.

  • Do not wear White

Wear white on any occasion, just do not do it on anyone’s wedding.

  • Do not disrespect the venue

Be courteous and clean up after yourself. Do not throw any trash on the floor, or any food matter or anything for that matter.

  • Do not text during the ceremony

Nothing ruins the solemnity of a celebration than a ringing phone. With this in mind, keep your phones on silent mode while the ceremony is ongoing.




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