Accessorizing Wedding Dress

General Tips for Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

General Tips for Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

For a long time, the general consensus has always been, a perfect wedding dress is the focal point of one’s final wedding look.

But this is not essentially true. Without the right bridal accessories, there is no way that your wedding look would be complete. That is why it is important to ensure that you choose the right wedding jewelry.

How to pick the right jewelry

When it comes to choosing the right kind of jewelry, many brides-to-be are usually overwhelmed with choices. From classic touches, vintage style, and statement pieces to glitzy glamor, many brides find it hard to choose from all these options. But no need to worry, listed below are a number of ideas that will help you identify that perfect wedding jewelry. Some of the best recommendations for perfect finishing and touches include:

  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Crystals and diamantes
  • Sparkling cuffs
  • Chandelier earrings

For Vintage Lace and Antique Ivory Wedding Dresses

One thing is for sure, the vintage wedding look has been used for ages and it is here to stay. One of the common designs is the beautiful lace gowns that have been a firm favorite for many brides. With such a look, the ideal accessory would be pearl jewelry as it matches the lace dress. When picking pearls, choose the ones with a soft shine.

But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore glittering accessories. You opt for them but make sure you go for something that is a bit muted. Besides, you can always use a hair comb if you want to add that final touch to your vintage-looking dress.

Embellished Mermaid Style

Embellished, mermaid-style gowns are characterized by a figure-hugging silhouette and sparkling details. Anything involving crystals or diamantes will create that perfect finish. It all depends on how many accessories you want to add. If your dress already has too much going on, it would be advisable to minimize the crystals.

A pair of chandelier earrings and sparkling cuffs would look great with a mermaid-fitted dress. The strapless style would look amazing with a glitzy necklace. With a vintage look, it is always necessary to adopt a dazzling hairpiece to finalize the overall look. This is especially suitable for dark-haired brides-to-be because their hair will really catch the light and make them stand out.

Beachy, Relaxed Wedding Gowns

Are looking for a relaxed “boho” or “beachy” feel? Try out accessories inspired by nature, for instance, a single floral pin in your hair. The best choice is usually smaller blooms interwoven into for a gorgeous, summery look. There are also a number of earrings and neckpieces that evoke that beach feeling. Take a look at more amazing “beachy” accessories ideas at Jenny Present Jewelry.

Parting Shot

Your wedding dress is capped off by the veil. This is an accessory that perfectly completes the overall look. There are many types of veil designs today. Examples of these are birdcage veils, mantillas, and even cathedral-style veils. Whichever type you pick, ensure that it matches the shade of your gown. Also, if your wedding dress is highly embellished, pick a simple veil. Some wedding dresses are sleek and show off your back. If yours is such as this one, pick a veil that is made of sheer material. This complements your wedding dress and makes you look like a queen on your special day.


Sarah Muller is a wedding dress designer and decorator. She has expertise in this field which she has accumulated over a decade of experience. She is the go-to expert for wedding magazines, websites, webinars, and even television shows. Her opinion on Jenny Present Jewelry is sought by celebrities and Hollywood stars on their special wedding days. She made a valuable contribution to this report.

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