5 Eyewear Tips Wedding

5 Eyewear Tips for Your Wedding

5 Eyewear Tips for Your Wedding

Your wedding is said to be the happiest day of your life. Everything from the clothing to the color of the flowers, and the type of food to the wedding venue are all yours to choose.

There is one thing, however, that some brides don’t take into account when it comes to their look for the wedding: eyewear. Whether you’re donning a pair of thick-rimmed glasses or popping in your contacts the morning of the wedding, eyewear is a necessity to some and a fashion trend to others.

Below are a few tips to pull off eyewear on your wedding day.


Going Retro

If you planned ahead and decided to go with a style of eyewear that some would consider retro or “hipster,” such as winged specs, then you could easily turn your wedding into a retro-themed extravaganza. Find yourself a retro-style wedding dress that comes off as chic and just simply gorgeous. Your eyewear will match alongside the dress perfectly.


Pick Carefully

If your wedding happens to come around at the same time as when you choose new spectacles, then go ahead and match those together. Have some fun with it and pick a frame that matches your dress. For example, if you’re having an all-white wedding, perhaps choose a pair of white frames to really accentuate your face a tad bit more.


Wear Them Shopping

If you wear glasses every day and have a few different pairs, then bring each of them with you while dress shopping. Try them on one at a time to discover which pair fits best with your dress so you can style them together on the big day.


Checking Reflection

The big downside to wearing glasses is the glare and reflection from snapping photographs. Speak with your photographer beforehand to work out a few shots where your glasses fit perfectly with the image being captured.


Tying In Makeup

Your makeup will go hand-in-hand with everything else on the big day, including your glasses, so try pairing them together to create the very best look possible. Your glasses draw attention to your eyes, so pair good liquid liner and false eyelashes to really accentuate the look. Alternatively, you can tone it down with a bright lipstick to offset the specs.

Your eyewear is an extension of your own personality. We all choose the frames that suit us best, so don’t be afraid to show them off on your big wedding day. Visit an eye clinic like All About Eyes if you have concerns or would rather wear temporary contact lenses for the wedding.

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