Best Engagement Ring Alternatives to Diamond

3 Best Engagement Ring Alternatives to Diamond

3 Best Engagement Ring Alternatives to Diamond

Engagement Rings traditionally are made of gold and are crowned with a diamond. This does not deter anyone, however, from preferring another stone to the traditional diamond. Below we present you 3 best picks for alternative engagement rings.


Blue Sapphire is a very intriguing option for an engagement ring as it is both classy and is also considered a royal stone that can serve as a unique substitute to the diamond. Set in 18K or 9K gold it makes for a superb alternative!

Sapphire is considered the gemstone of royals. The deep blue color was thought to emanate loyalty, dignity, and prosperity and throughout history, sapphires were associated with wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness for royals.

The sapphire gemstone on a wedding ring or engagement ring is a symbol of faithfulness and sincerity, as well. Throughout history, people attributed mystical properties in sapphire. In antiquity, it was believed that sapphires protected their wearers from evil and bad luck.

In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that sapphires would cure disease and preserve chastity. Sapphire rings have also been used by celebrities as engagement rings. Blue sapphire is a stone that signifies stability in the relationship and harmonious life.


Ruby, the bright red stone of passion is also a beloved alternative for an engagement ring to the traditional diamond. Rubies are associated with love, passion and strong feelings of affection due to their vibrant deep red hue.

In old times they were famously thought to be some of the most significant gifts in a new relationship and are nowadays considered to be some of the most coveted engagement gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts. By many considered as the king of precious gems, it is the birthstone of July.

3 Best Engagement Ring Alternatives to Diamond
3 Best Engagement Ring Alternatives to Diamond

The joy of life and the passion for your significant other this stone symbolizes will most certainly mark the beginning of a successful relationship. A fun fact about the bright red ruby is that it shares the same chemical properties as the sapphire (it is made from the element corundum as is sapphire), but it owes the bright red color to the element chromium present in the stone. The word ruby comes from the word “rubber” which means red in Latin. Rubies are also famous for being extremely strong and resistant to wear and scratches. They are very resilient and only a bit softer than diamonds, measuring 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale making them a durable alternative to a diamond.


Emeralds are both chic and modern, and at 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, emeralds can be forever too, making them a superb alternative to traditional engagement ring stones. A fun fact about the emerald is that it is the birthstone for May. It is a gift that symbolizes calmness and the flourishing of nature. It is said to be a stone that promotes growth in a relationship and healthy development.

Emeralds are also relatively hard gemstones that are resilient to knocks. It is mostly made out of the element beryllium and it is one of the most precious and sought-after gemstones in existence. In older times emeralds were used as talismans and were thought to help against memory loss and provide the wearer with a boost of intelligence and intuition!

The emerald was also used in the past as a truth potion. It was thought to provoke a person tell the truth when the gemstone was presented to them! The emerald rings we offer make ideal gifts for many situations, namely: as Emerald Wedding Rings, Emerald Engagement Rings, or rings to celebrate anniversaries! If you are not sure as to what to buy for your loved one a lush green emerald ring set in bright high-quality diamonds is the ideal gift that will mark a beautiful moment in your loved one’s life.

The Bottomline

There are many options if you want to escape tradition, with emerald, ruby, and sapphire being the most prevalent ones. Your taste and your values should be the first and foremost judge of this. Your engagement is a milestone in your life and you have to make it special no matter what!

3 Best Engagement Ring Alternatives to Diamond

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