5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Stone

5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Stone

5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Stone

With their crisp brilliance and vivid hues, sapphires are the most beloved gems, especially for the wedding and engagement rings. They have an impelling color and illustrious shine that makes them one of the finest gemstones extracted from the core of the earth. Yellow sapphire is an alluring variety from the sapphire family. It is an amazing stone available in myriad shades varying from deep to pale yellow. When it is gaining popularity as a preferred choice for making classy jewelry masterpieces, it can be daunting for the buyers to select a natural and flawless gemstone. Here are discussed five main things to be considered before making a selection:

1. Color of the Stone:

Yellow sapphire birthstone comes in a huge range of colors including pastel yellow, light yellow, and deep golden yellow. Every color looks magnificent in this stone. The vibrant canary is the most preferred shade that brings the cosmic powers of Pukhraj in the life of its wearer. It is rare and priceless. The variations in color are caused due to the inclusion of iron traces that produce higher color saturation with their increased concentration. Some sellers may enhance its color by using lab-induced irradiation process as well. Hence, you should check the color of yellow sapphires before buying them.

5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Stone

2. Clarity of Stone:

Yellow sapphire is classified as a type I clarity gemstone which means this gemstone is expected to free from visible inclusions. However, a flawless stone may be viewed with suspicion of being a synthetic replica. Hence, you should ask the seller to provide genuine documentation including third-party lab result to prove the authenticity of the gemstone. The sapphire should be completely clear to the eyes with very small inclusions that are visible only under a jeweler’s loupe. Apart from these, there may be some surface blemishes or scratches that should be clearly checked before buying yellow sapphire online.

3. Cut of the Stone:

The shine and splendor of a yellow sapphire gemstone depend on its cut as well. It does not only include the shape of a stone but also refers to the facets on its surface that allow color and light to shine through it. The rough gemstones can be available at cheaper prices but they lack the brilliance of an immaculately cut stone. It is important to enhance capability of a gemstone to reflect the light perfectly.

4. Heat Treatment of the Stone:

There are traditional heating methods that are still preferred. You should ask about them when looking to buy yellow sapphire. This is the process of enhancing the color and transparency of a stone. Here, you should know that an untreated or unheated stone fetches a higher price when compared to the treated varieties. You should check the documentation available with this stone to know more about this process.

5. Carat Weight of Stone:

The cost and rarity of yellow sapphire birthstone also depends on its carat weight. Typically, it may be hard to find larger sapphires which makes them rare and expensive. In fact, the stones above 5 carats of weight can be extremely rare.

Yellow sapphire benefits the natives born in September month. It is a carrier of wisdom and prosperity to the life of its wearer. They make an excellent and stunning wedding ring to celebrate the big day with a lot of sparkles.

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