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Top 10 Planning Tips For Your Honeymoon

Top 10 Honeymoon Tips

You’ve just had the most amazing day as a couple. The stress over your wedding is complete and now your time as newlyweds has arrived. Whilst many see a honeymoon is a time for enjoyment, it’s planning and organization should not be underestimated. Planning a honeymoon should be part of your preparation when organizing your wedding too.

Whether you’re planning a luxurious getaway or a pocket-friendly romantic escape, below we’ve collated a list of 10 planning tips to consider for your honeymoon to have the experience of a lifetime!

1.   Plan with each other

You’re unlikely to find a honeymoon trip planning guide that won’t have this right at the top of the list. In fact, this is a pretty obvious point to make. You’re both celebrating your marriage and it can also be a good indication of how well you work together as a new couple.

You can still be learning about each other even as newlyweds and these decisions will be helpful in your future decisions and likes and dislikes. For example, you may be an extremely adventurous person whilst your partner may love their architecture. They can go hand in hand with many honeymoon destinations.

2.   Keep to a timeframe

Planning ahead comes with benefits for practically any event that you’re looking forward to. Setting in place a realistic timeframe of how you’re going to plan your trip can relieve the stress and reduce any complications arising. Think of a timeline 6 months ahead, where at the beginning you start your research and your budgets, right up until the day before when you’re packed and ready and just need a good night’s sleep.

3.   Set a budget

This comes nicely onto our next point – setting an actual budget. The budget that you have will give you realistic expectations of the destinations you can afford and what you can do. What options do you have on the table from the budget that you have set? This will give you a better idea of your daily spending and make it easier to plan your trip. Consider points such as flights, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, etc.

Top 10 Planning Tips For Your Honeymoon

4.   Make comparisons before confirming

Online resources have made it easier than ever to look up your options and ensure you’re getting the best deal. Why would you spend more on something that you can get for a cheaper price and practically have the same experience? This is where comparison websites are at their best. Once you have a good idea of where you wish to go, the types of places to visit, the kind of accommodation you want to experience, etc. begin your comparison search and see what the best deals are for each. As a newlywed couple, sometimes you can get great package deals for your escape.

5.   Accommodation is an extremely important factor

If there’s one aspect that can make or break your honeymoon holiday, it’s the accommodation that you choose. After the stresses of organizing your wedding, you want to ensure that you have ideal comfort and luxurious relaxation as part of your visit. It’s the place you’ll always be going back to and having some of your intimate moments as a couple, so it needs to be perfect. Things to consider for your accommodation include:

– Location

– Decor and design

– Facilities

– Places to eat

– Surrounding bar areas

– Nearby shops and things to do

6.   Light packing tips to consider

The items and clothes you have with you are the most important points to consider. Here are some essential items that you’ll need:

– Backpack to store items like passports, boarding passes, driving licenses, etc.

– Keep photocopies of your important documents

– Insect repellents are needed

– Technology items include; charger, USB cable, portable speakers, headphones, portable chargers, power banks, iPad.

– Utilise travel apps such as Google Maps

– Long sleeve clothing items like hoodies, jumpers as it can get unexpectedly chilly at times

– Essential unexpected items: this will be specific to you e.g. say you had a breast augmentation before your wedding, do you have support bras packed just in case? You may suffer from travel sickness, have you packed sick bags or medication to deal with it?

7.   Consider planning surprises

Some of the best things about a honeymoon are the surprising things that couples do for each other on the trip to make it that extra bit special. Does your holiday destination offer something that you can do for your other half? Coordinate with hotel officials or holiday agents who can offer advice on some of the best things you can offer to create a special moment.

8.   Plan for unforeseen circumstances

Unfortunately, sometimes not everything can go to plan when it comes to your honeymoon and there can be unexpected surprises that pop up when you expect them least. Although honeymoons can be relatively expensive, you should also plan for circumstances out of your control and keep an extra rainy day budget aside.

9.   Consider hiring a travel agent for your honeymoon

This isn’t necessarily an essential tip for your honeymoon, but it can be extremely easy for your honeymoon to take a backseat when you’re planning your wedding. This might mean the trip won’t be as special as you want them to. Therefore, a travel agent can support you in your planning and even get you the well-needed discounts. It can save a huge amount of time too, which means you have the chance to prioritize other factors.

10.  Make prior arrangements if you have special requests

Tip #7 mentions the option to plan surprises for your partners. It’s something that can make it an extremely special occasion and be something very well needed after the chaos from your wedding day. This is how you can make it up but if you’re planning a special request be sure to put in place prior arrangements so this can happen.

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