best honeymoon destinations

Top 5 reasons why Europe has the best honeymoon destinations.

5 reasons why a European tour is perfect for a romantic getaway or your honeymoon

Apart from your wedding day, your honeymoon destination is another critical time for the union. Your honeymoon wraps up the entire friendship and the period you waited before the woman in your life would say I do. Therefore, you must ensure that the place where you go on your honeymoon is full of romantic adventures just for the two of you. Let your partner feel your love through the way you select your romantic getaways as you tour around Europe.  If you are still looking for reasons why you should go to Europe for a romantic experience, here are the top 5 reasons why Europe has the best honeymoon destinations.

Paris, France

Paris is the world’s love capital. It’s only in Paris that lovebirds frequent every time around the calendar. Here, the environment is romantic, and the wind only whispers love. The entire city exudes romance, from the manicured Jardin des Tuileries, which sits between the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, to the cobbled streets of Montmartre, which lead to Sacre Coeur. While in Paris, you can hop on a train for a trip to Versailles and enjoy the view of the grand place and other grounds where Marie Antoinette once lived with other French royals.

best honeymoon destinations

Barcelona, Spain

If you have trouble deciding whether you will take your partner on a honeymoon at a beach or just on a city break, then this is the place to be. Here, you can get both experiences and enjoy the entire honeymoon period. The city break experience will lead you to the park Guell and other cultural attractions, such as Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. Then enjoy the rest of your honeymoon time relaxing at the beach. Additionally, while at the park in Barcelona, you can convert every minute into a picnic experience just for the two of you.

Rome, Italy

As Paris is to France, so is Rome to Italy. It’s the capital city; in other words, it’s the city of love and romance. Being the city of God, which is why the Roman Catholic leaders are born and reside, it’s also the place where you can take your loved one, and they will never regret ever meeting and marrying you. It’s only in Rome that you will enjoy biscotti and strong espresso as you marvel at ancient architecture. It’s only in Rome that you can enjoy walking around like a couple while holding hands and enjoying the beauty of nature in a place away from home.

best honeymoon destinations

London, UK

London is the home of all the beauty, culture, and happiness. As a couple, you will be proud to find everything you want just within the same city. If you are the type that loves going around on a bike, then you can ride in London as you go through the museums, food markets, and green spaces. It’s only in London that you can view the city from a lover’s point of view and still feel that your honeymoon was excellent.

Vienna, Austria

As you are planning for your package holidays in Iceland, consider taking a visit to Vienna, Austria. This is the place where Roman and Love were born and raised. Here you will not only enjoy the lovely atmosphere that tells you it’s only you and her against them all, but rather the epitome of romance. You will enjoy the beautiful cafes, opulent opera houses, Baroque architecture, and Viennese desserts. If you want to make your honeymoon memorable and worth the price, Austria will not disappoint. You will leave this place fulfilled, renewed, and refreshed all around.

best honeymoon destinations


There are so many other places you can visit in Europe that will make your romantic period fascinating and overwhelming. However, you must ensure that you are ready with a budget that can support all the trips around all the cities within Europe. Additionally, you can choose the place where you feel your lover would be proud to visit and make that your central place for the entire trip in Europe. Lastly, ensure that you carry a camera with you that ensures that you capture every moment of the journey for future memories. Let your honeymoon count by the way you plan and make your choices.

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