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Though it’s a summer wedding: Tips about Home Wedding

Though it’s a summer wedding, the weather can be quite unpredictable these days.

You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips about Home Wedding You Need to Know

Dorothy was right, there’s no place like home.

No stylish hotel venue or fancy restaurant could substitute the warm atmosphere of your parent’s lakeside house, or grandparent’s rustic country cottage.

Is it sentimental? Yes.

Can it be elegant? Certainly.

But is it simple to plan? Not at all.

If the two of you agreed that an intimate backyard wedding with a homely atmosphere is something you both want to, bear in mind the following:

1.      It’s got to be carefully planned

Consider the size of the backyard, as it will determine the length of your guest list. If you’re space-limited and still can’t cut below a certain number of people, decide whether there’s a possibility of organizing a plated dinner, or will it have to be a buffet. Is going to be grilled picnic food, or cocktail bar with finger food? Will you host the entire ceremony in the garden or just the reception? Different types of receptions come with different capacities, and if you’re unsure whether there’s enough space for what you’ve had in mind, consult with a professional catering company – they’ll help you determine your possibilities.

2.      Garden’s got to be prepared

Start getting the backyard ready about 8 weeks prior to the wedding. If it’s a spring or summer wedding, nature on its own will do most of the decorating, but it will need a little bit of your help. Plant with areas in mind – where will you set the tables? What about the dancing floor? Remember to mark the sitting area and paths first, and then plant around them.

3.      Theme has to be selected

Is it going to be vintage, in tone with the old cottage? Elegant? Or will you go for a sophisticated country look? The theme you choose will determine most of the decorative decisions you have to make – the centerpieces, chairs, linens… Even the choice of food and drinks.

4.      You need to have a plan B

Though it’s a summer wedding, the weather can be quite unpredictable these days. That’s why we recommend setting up a tent that will provide shelter from, not just possible rain, but unbearable sun rays as well. For spring weddings, it’s even best to set up a back-up venue inside your home, as at times bad weather’s accompanied with low temperatures – and you don’t want your guests freezing out in the cold, right?

summer wedding

5.      Put up a dance floor

Uneven surface and a multitude of small grass holes are every woman’s worst enemy. You’ll need to set up a flat and smooth surface upon which all your lady guests who have arrived in heels will be able to walk and dance freely.

6.      Set up lightning for the evening

Having your first dance under the starry sky does sound romantic, and garden reception allows you to elevate the dreamy atmosphere even more. You can hang string lights through the ceiling of the tent and move on to all the trees and treetops. Depending on the theme, you can even add Chinese lanterns and candles on the tables.

7.      Make it memorable

Don’t you want this day to last forever? Only a photograph can savor the magic of the moment, so don’t forget to hire a photographer. Alternatively, you can incorporate a wedding photo booth hire, which your guests are bound to love. It will take them back to teenage days when they used to hang out in the mall, all so clueless and stress-free, and the two of you will get fun, spontaneous photographs to enrich the wedding album.

8.      Make it Personal

Decorate the tables, trees, even the tent with memorabilia that has a special place in your hearts. Hang some of your favorite photographs that depict you two on one of your trips, your engagement photos, and pics with people you expect to arrive as your guests. And if people take a few pictures in the photo boot – hang them too!

9.      Rent what you don’t have

Do you have enough chairs and tables? Highly unlikely. A tent stylish and large enough to cover the entire area? Hardly. Also, if you’re planning a mid-summer wedding, expect unbearably high temperatures and ensure you rent a cooling equipment to keep your guest comfortable.

10. Make it fun

Take a look at your guest list – how many children will be there? They are bound to get a bit bored after a while, so consider setting up a separate tent where they could color or play different board games. This way, their parents will be able to enjoy themselves in peace knowing their children are safe, and kids will finally be having fun at a boring adult party.

Do you feel like you’re ready for the journey that awaits you? Well, you will be after you thick everything from the list above.

Good luck to you two and remember – not everything will go as planned, and you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself at the most important day of your life!

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