How to Be One of the Most Gorgeous Wedding Guests?

How to Be One of the Most Gorgeous Wedding Guests?

How to Be One of the Most Gorgeous Wedding Guests?

The wedding season is crazy. You have various functions to attend and obviously, you need a separate dress for each one. On top of it, if you have to attend your friend’s or cousin’s wedding, you will want to dress up properly.

This is because you might see your relatives or college friends after a long time and you sure want to look gorgeous.

People who love socializing literally love to open their mailbox and receive a wedding invite. Weddings are fun and celebratory. You literally get a chance to doll up and put your best foot forward. Although you are excited about attending a wedding, then confusion about what to wear can be daunting.

Everyone wants to be the most gorgeous guest at the party. However, it can get difficult to keep up with all the trends with the busy routine life.

So, worry not. We have compiled some amazing dress ideas for you. They sure always work and well, you can thank us later.

Pastel Coloured Dress

If you are attending a day wedding, this will surely work for you. Also, if the wedding is during the summer and spring season, then you are good to go. The weather is great and you do not have to think much before wearing anything.

You should opt for pastel undertones like peach, mint, baby pink and lilac.

You can opt for a full-length gown or a ruffled dress. It is a good idea to experiment with the length of the gown. Although, pair the pastel dress with bling stilettos and jewelry. This will add that touch festive touch in your look.

Soft Pleated Midi Dress

Wearing something that is soft on your skin is always fun, these kinds of dresses will make you look gorgeous. You will obviously stand out of the crowd with this one. You could go with a midi dress that is not so long or short.

It is always a good idea to experiment and thus, you could opt for an off-shoulder dress. Platform heels or wedges would look great with this one.


You could opt for Indian wear for once. Not only you will look different but, you will look extremely gorgeous as well. Opt for a halter or skimpy blouse. You can then drape a georgette or net sari.

Pair it with heels and let your hair loose. After the bride, people will surely have their eyes set on you.

Skirt with a crop top

This one is the most popular look at weddings. It looks pretty and fun at the same time. You can opt for the same color ensemble or choose to play with different color combinations. Opt for a gathered or pleated skirt.

You can always choose structured fabrics like silk for this one. Choose a sequenced or backless crop top to add some glamour in your outfit.

Solid colored gown

You can actually look for a gown that sits well on your body. Choose something which has it is back open. Always opt for bright colors like red, pink, orange and black if you are going for an evening function. Just finish the look with a pretty choke or a diamond neckpiece.

Apart from the dress, there are various other factors to consider. You will actually require a complete wedding makeover to look gorgeous and pretty. Thus, styling plays a very important part of this process.

You can actually take professional help for the same. Apart from that, if you want to do everything on your own, then you can browse DIY videos on the internet. Some other styling factors that you need to take into consideration for a wedding:


Your hairstyle is literally going to determine your entire look. If you mess this up, you mess up your look. So, always go for a hairstyle that you are comfortable with. Usually, low buns decorated with real flowers look very pretty with wedding outfits.

Apart from that, you could even curl your hair and add some pretty hair accessories while pining it up. When it comes to hair, you can actually experiment a lot. Although, remember to try a new hairstyle beforehand or else go with the one you are comfortable with.


Footwear is again a very important aspect. It will actually enhance your whole look. It is wise to opt for stilettos or wedges. Go for heels only. If you are no comfortable wearing big heels, then opt for smaller heels.

However, remember that heels will literally elevate and add the show to your outfit.


Makeup is also an important element. Apply the one that goes with your dress and skin tone. Do not overdo it. Sometimes more makeup can actually kill your whole look.


These were some of the factors that you can consider before going to a wedding. Just opt for things that make you confident.

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