Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

One of the most important moments of life is undoubtedly marriage. Great excitement and eventually great happiness … Sometimes the wrong elections can turn a wedding into a very bad one. Or it could be beyond imagination with small touches. At this point, we will refer to which steps you need to consider. This will make your special day more perfect. You can start counting back for the day in your dream.

Before reading the wedding planning checklist we prepared for you, the bride-to-be should decide her wedding dress. Because all other details like the wedding concept will be shaped accordingly.

For choosing your wedding dress you can do detailed research on the internet. Nevertheless, we recommend that you look at the collection of Glücksgefühl Brautkleider, one of Germany’s most famous wedding dress brands.


You must make careful choices with your partner to realize your marriage in your dream. First of all, do not forget to spend different amounts on each wedding. The choice of location, the elements to be used, the needs for intermediate, equipment, gifts and much more can make radical changes to your wedding budget. So start with the most expensive things to make the best choice.

The most expensive things are usually the most important things that must be done first. Therefore, the budget allocated for them will be more important than the others. After that, less important things come in order, and you can put the remaining money into play.

For example, you should consider hiring a professional for your wedding photo edits to capture the nostalgia for years to come.

Given spending, even small differences can cause major changes. So you have to pay attention to everything.

2- Guest List

Ladies brides the moment has arrived! Bring your most beautiful pen or computer, there will be sports, nervous breakdowns and lots of tasks on your fingers. You will start the big step of the guest list.

It must be known that this step must be done very quickly in the organization of your beautiful day. Indeed, the number of your guests at your wedding will determine the search for your venue. A room with a maximum capacity of 150 people seated (dance floor included) will not be able to turn into a room of 250 people at 1 month of your wedding and just for your beautiful eyes! In addition, you will see it quickly enough, it will suffer as preparation months of enormous changes.

How to choose and make a list?

For the first throw, no need to include all the guests of your parents, the friends of your brothers and sisters, and all the people belonging to the secondary landscape. Concentrate on your guests, at the same time it’s a little your wedding!

I will share with you my experience as a former bride and I hope that my method will help you. I will admit that the experience was complicated and that I am a Survivor of the guest list. So I can testify and especially share.

3- Organisation of Dates and Places of the Reserve

Organizing a wedding involves three essential steps: creating, designing, and coordinating your Great Day. You will create the day of your dreams, imagine the smallest details, and get started in the design of garlands and pretty invitations. You will analyze quotes, negotiate prices, book appointments and especially manage a portfolio of providers. If it is not already, your mobile phone will become your best friend or your worst enemy. Do not panic, you’ll escape like a queen!

If you do not use a professional, here are my tips to find in the Wedzem guide for you to become a real wedding planner and to know how to organize your wedding!

4-Choose your wedding party

When we talk about this subject, we have many choices, whether we are believers, atheists, attached to tradition or rather original. Let’s go back to the origin. The marriage ceremony is the act that unites two beings who love each other and decide to form one. As a result, it can be given a religious, civil, or secular twist.

To find the ceremony that suits you best, only one tip, communication. Your partner may not be practicing, but he or she will attach special importance to religiously unite for herself or for her family. Discuss and see who will be the saddest if this ceremony did not take place in a place of worship. Ladies and Gentlemen the bride and groom, it’s time to make your first concessions!

5- Services of Location

Foodservice, florists, drivers, valets, photographers, craftsmen, decorators, and service personnel are also important places where you will make DJs wedding. So you have to make sure that all of them are both charged and fully adjusted. Look for perfection, but everything may not be perfect.

6-Wedding shopping

After the big preparations, wedding shopping is now in order. Of course, there are gifts among them. The clothes of the bride and groom should be purchased along with other helpers’ clothes. Household goods must be bought before the wedding. For shoes, make-up sets, ties, accessories and all other things you need to get right in action.

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