4 Popular Wedding Themes Of All Time

Lifetime Journey: 4 Popular Wedding Themes Of All Time

Lifetime Journey: 4 Popular Wedding Themes Of All Time

There are different ways to decorate a wedding, but choosing the right wedding theme would help bring inspiration and happiness to the both of you. You can use a theme to be the design in your invitations, programs, wedding cake, centerpiece and more.

A wedding theme can also give you the chance to showcase your unique style, a way of introducing yourselves to the guest and, a way to get to know you and your partner. Here’s how to make the best wedding impression for the both of you.

Romantic Themed

Soft lighting, delicate hues and, exquisite details like flowing dresses with airy fabrics and having a lot of florals generally make up a romantic wedding style. If you’re going with this theme, you’re going to have lots and lots of florals. Usually romantic themed weddings have florals as it’s significant design.

In creating the motif for your wedding, you can line the aisles with flowers and hung strands of light colored flowers. Everything should have flowers designed with them. Romantic weddings are for couples who love romance and has a classic way of living their lives.

Vintage Themed

Head back to the 60’s, 80’s or the old times. A vintage wedding will give everyone a tour of the past. This wedding theme typically focuses on an old setting. If you want a vintage style for your wedding, you can achieve this through your looks and wedding outfit.

You can manage to do a vintage setting by decorating the surroundings with an antique-looking decor like worn-in woods, and old chairs. Also, old furniture would make the best out of it. Usually, vintage themed wedding finishes with the bride and groom riding a classic getaway car.

Modern Themed

A modern themed wedding is all about exquisite modesty. City residents or those who live in urban areas usually gravitate to this wedding style. Modern type wedding is formal but has lively touches to keep it from feeling humorless.

Modern weddings usually look sleek and polished. Most of the decors are clean lines or, equipment with geometric shapes and, brides often prefer sheath dresses than long gowns.

Classic or Traditional Themed


Classic themed wedding or what they call traditional marriage, are filled with the whitewashed decor. Linens, florals, and outfits are mostly in white. There may be a slightly metallic or pastel accent, but generally, the palette is light and just airy.

Classic weddings are commonly formal weddings with clean-cut affairs that start with the champagne cocktail hour. The decorations are simple yet elegant, and the most preferred venue is in a hotel or a ballroom.


Wedding ceremonies are the most important and cherished moment in a couple’s history. Building a great home or a family starts with choosing your partner for life. It is an acknowledgment of the whole world of your absolute love to your partner. If you want to document your wedding occasion you can visit Magnet Me for their service.

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