Is it a themed wedding?

Is it a themed wedding?

How to Decide on a Venue: Outdoor vs. Indoor Weddings

You have set the date for your big day and you have started the preparations. On the top of the list is probably – pick the venue. For some people, this might be easy. They might have been dreaming of getting married at a specific place for years, or they know exactly what kind of venue they want. But for those less decisive, there is always the question: Indoors or outdoors? Both have pros and cons, so let’s go over the decision-making process.

What season is the big day in?

This might be an obvious question, but it still deserves some thought. It is more complicated than just saying that you will have your wedding indoors because it’s in the middle of winter. You also need to consider other weather conditions because having a wedding outdoors when it is just too hot is just as bad as having it when it is too cold. Generally, if you are booking your venue far in advance, opting for indoors is a safer bet because you will be able to control the temperature no matter the weather conditions. Choosing a place that has a lot of glass doors and windows is a good way to enjoy the nice weather, if you are lucky enough.

Is it a themed wedding?
Outdoor vs. Indoor Weddings

Is it a themed wedding?

The surroundings of your wedding venue are a crucial part of the theme. If you don’t have a set theme, you can go either way, but a forest theme will look really good in an outdoor setting, while an outer space theme is probably better suited for something indoors. Generally, outdoor weddings have more risk involved, so think about whether or not the benefits of the outdoor surroundings outweigh the risk of bad weather or wrong temperature.

What is your attire?

Dreaming of getting married in a long white gown, walking barefoot on the grass towards your partner? That dream might just turn into a nightmare when the bottom of your dress becomes brown and green with grass and dirt stains. The wedding dress, bride’s maids’ dresses, and all the footwear must be considered when thinking about the venue. The groom’s shiny white shoes can get stained and look a lot less than perfect, and if the bride is wearing heels, a grass surface can be a complete disaster. So even if you are opting for an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a proper surface to walk, stand and dance on.

What is your budget?

If you are willing to stretch your budget, you might be able to pull off an outdoors wedding in spite of all the risks. Getting cooling fans or heating stations is one way to regulate temperature, but you will need more than that. To make sure your guests have enough shade or a dry place to party, you should get outdoor privacy screens from Sydney that will give privacy and protect everyone invited. Make sure that they protect you from the rain and the sun, but also make sure that they have a proper base, in case the ground turns into mud.

After going through these questions, you should have a much better idea about where you want your wedding to be held. You can take it upon yourself to think about it all, or hire a wedding planner to take some of the load off your back. Whichever setting you chose, you are certain to remember that day as a joyful event for the rest of your life.

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