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Engagement Rings on a Budget

Engagement Rings Which engagement ring is right for you?

Engagement Rings on a Budget

Getting married is such an extremely monumental stepping stone in life. The epitome of love represented a day full of laughter and warm-heartedness. Besides the cost of the wedding itself, there is also another very important wedding asset to take into consideration when balancing expenses. An engagement ring can cost almost as much as you would want it to, and when buying a ring for the one you love, the price usually is taken out of the equation. However, regardless of how much you have, it is always important to budget your spending on your diamond ring. Making sure you can afford a ring before taking on the commitment to purchase it is vital, especially considering how you don’t want to stress your finances already so early on in your marriage.

engagement ring
Which engagement ring is right for you?

The four Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat) of course are always taken into consideration when shopping around for the right ring. However, these steps alone aren’t going to cut it when it comes to establishing a real plan when budgeting. Here are the five ideas to consider when creating your budget for a ring.

Ways to Budget

1. Presentation is Everything

The first thing that comes to mind when buying a ring is the size of the actual diamond. Unfortunately, the size of the diamond is the most expensive part and discourages people when they find a diamond they love, but it is just out of their budget. There are ways to amplify the size of a smaller diamond, giving the illusion that it is bigger than it is. This could be from adding smaller diamonds around the largest one or limiting the size and grip of the prong to accentuate the size of the diamond, exposing it as much as possible.

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Who could ever be disappointed looking at gold?

2. Opt for Gold

Who could ever be disappointed looking at gold? Yes, this step may be hard to overcome due to the preference, however, if there is some leeway in choosing between gold or platinum, choose gold.  Platinum is very desirable and a very popular style. With platinum, these popular and desirable qualities come with an expensive price tag. When comparing the two, platinum is about 30 times as rare as gold, and pairing this with its popularity, makes platinum a high-priced item. Try going with white gold; it serves as a budget-friendly alternative.

3. Combo Set

Although this would take away the element of surprise between you and your loved one, it may be a great way to save. While doing research on rings, usually jewelers have some kind of offer that will reduce the price if you purchase the engagement ring and wedding band together.

4. The Golden Mean

Aristotle once preached not to have too much or too little, known as the Golden Mean. Of course, when it comes to buying a wedding ring, there is no such thing as too big, and there is such a thing about being too small. However, when it comes to the look and your budget, it is important to find that perfect balance. In regards to the ring, the four Cs play a huge factor in the overall price, and the best route is to find a balance that encompasses all of these elements as much as possible.

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The Emerald Cut

5. The Emerald Cut

Never considered a passé kind of ring, choosing an emerald cut opens a lot of savings when it comes to your budget. Yes, the cut will ultimately mean that the diamond isn’t as shiny, but the shape will make the diamond look significantly bigger than other cuts, taking up more surface area.

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