Most Amazing Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Most Amazing Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Most Amazing Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Wedding planning is probably one of the most stressful moments in the woman’s life, right there with choosing the perfect dress. Although big, luxury weddings are the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions that special day, there are other trendy choices as well.

Minimalist weddings are perfect for those who want to keep it casual and yet festive. Less of everything doesn’t mean you’ll have a boring wedding. On the contrary, you can choose modern minimalist décor or a more bohemian one. Your special day will still be a sight to remember even though you decided to simplify things a little. Look at some of the ideas for the amazing minimalist wedding.

1. Simply invite people

You choose an invitation for your wedding from various available minimalist designs. An elegant one written in cursive letters with a monochrome design on the high-quality paper will certainly draw the attention of your invitees. If you want to try something fun, create a pin stating only your names, date and place of the wedding.

Most Amazing Minimalist Wedding Ideas
Bridal bouquet

2. Bridal bouquet

A simple bridal bouquet will go perfectly with the minimalist wedding dress. Instead of going for several types of flowers, opt for one or two. Don’t go for colourful, but choose a shade which complements the overall wedding décor. Wildflower bouquet would perfectly match a less formal setting, while white or pink peonies are suitable for the elegant minimalist look.

3. The most important item on the list: wedding dress

Minimalist doesn’t mean that you want to look ordinary, so the wedding dress is still the biggest item on your wedding list. Casual chic still required an effort and a bride would still have to search for that one the perfect dress of them all.

A modern beige two-piece dress with a high low skirt and a train will send a clear picture that you are following the newest trends. For more modern and sensual look, choose the dress with an open back and add a necklace to accentuate it. A dress with spaghetti straps will add to the more bohemian look of the whole wedding. While high neckline and subtle pearl decorations will attribute to the modern and elegant minimalist setting.

4. Get married on the spot

Marriage registry alternative is usually the option many couples choose. Having someone officiating your wedding right on the venue is not only practical but also romantic. Instead of creating a lavish spot to say “I do”, you can try the minimalist décor.

If you’re having an indoor wedding, use the head table for the bride and groom as the spot to get married. Hang a modest flower decoration on the wall behind the table and light the candles for more private atmosphere. Outside wedding, on the other hand, offers easier solutions since you can use your surroundings as part of the decoration. Mix the natural ambience with urban ornaments like a square arch or hang small led lights for the evening weddings.

5. Minimalist but rich wedding cake

The cake won’t have complicated and elaborate decorations, nor shapes that will embellish its look. However, with a little greenery, your cake will look gorgeous and equally festive as all other wedding cakes. If you yet want some colour on your cake, choose only one shade beside the white.

Patterns are allowed but don’t mix more than one since they can overwhelm the overall design. But, if you don’t feel like it’s festive enough, add some bling to your cake. This will sure make it a centre of your wedding when it’s brought out.

Most Amazing Minimalist Wedding Ideas
The main décor of the event

6. The main décor of the event

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, minimalist décor should look like the simplified version of the luxury ceremony. You can hang lanterns from the tree branches for the backyard wedding or spread mini LED lights in the room. The table setting should include cutlery and plates with subtle embellishments like branches or petals in the centre. Candles in the glass jars will set the atmosphere and serve instead of lush floral centrepieces.

All in all

Clean weeding details can turn your wedding into the beautiful event you waited for all of your life. Minimalist is simple but doesn’t mean plain. With only a few carefully planned details and added trends, your minimalist wedding will leave all the guests breathless and fulfil your dreams.

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