5 Tips for Decorating a Classy Outdoor Wedding Reception

5 Tips for Decorating a Classy Outdoor Wedding Reception

5 Tips for Decorating a Classy Outdoor Wedding Reception

Are you looking to make your outdoor wedding reception look classy and romantic without having to spend a fortune on a decorator? The following are five tips for do-it-yourself wedding designers that will give your outdoor wedding reception a sophisticated and charming appeal.


Screen-print Your Banner

If you’re thinking about having a screen-printed banner, you will need to think about which kind of textile you want to have your screen print done on. Lighter-colored backgrounds can be paired with almost any color of text. Since your reception will be outdoors, you can choose colors that reflect a color theme you have already selected or have the colors match the season. You will want to contact a screen-printing business like Schilling Graphics to discuss your options and pricing well in advance.


Make String Balls

An easy-to-make and cost-effective decoration, string balls add a rustic charm to an outdoor wedding reception. You can take your pick of any string color. The process of making string balls can be quite messy, but they are quite fun to create and look great with almost any other wedding decorations at an outdoor event. This is a great way to get your significant other or members of your wedding party involved in decorating for your special day.


Create Program Fans

Since you are having your wedding outside, you can treat your guests to a cute memento and practical decoration by placing baskets of program fans near the seating area. You can get the programs custom-designed to reflect your wedding day details. Pick a font and color palette that match your wedding reception’s outdoorsy feel. Your guests can take these cute fans home with them as keepsakes to help them remember your special day.


String Up Some Fairy Lights

If your outdoor wedding is whimsically themed, try hanging up some fairy lights to give your reception a fairytale charm. These can, with a little bit of physical effort, be strung from trees or manmade outdoor structures. You can even put them into glass mason jars and use these as centerpieces for the tables at your wedding reception.


Let Your Wedding Favors Reflect Your Reception

At your reception, give out wedding favors that have a rustic and outdoorsy charm. Keep it cost-effective by creating something like a DIY candle. You can go the extra mile by creating personalized gift tags and using personal messages. 

This is your special day, so take charge and make your outdoor reception look and feel exactly the way you wish! Add some rustic charm while keeping within your budget. Outdoor wedding receptions can look expensive and romantic without having to cost a fortune.

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