Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are very popular. It is a great way to have a beautiful wedding experience that includes your close friends and family, in an exotic location. Thanks to all-inclusive tours and packages to places like the Hawaiian Islands, a couple can easily combine the wedding and honeymoon into one trip.

One thing that is always an issue is the decorating for the wedding. It is difficult to take traditional wedding decor with you on the plane, and shipping them ahead of time can result in loss or damage. Every bride wants their wedding to be beautiful and to reflect who the couple is. Below you will find a few easy to do decorations for your destination wedding.

  • Wall of flowers

It is easy to create a wall of flowers, which makes a stunning backdrop (which is moveable). Many people use tissue paper flowers. If you can make them, it is easy to carry tissue paper with you or to buy it once you arrive. The only other thing you will need is wire mesh and a glue gun. You can read more about this here. You can also use silk flowers for your flower wall. The flower wall is beautiful at the end of the aisle, behind the table of honor at the reception or any entryway to welcome guests.

Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

  • Donut wall

A new take on the flower wall that is making a splash this year is a donut wall. This is made from a peg board with pegs on which beautiful and delicious donuts are hung. This is an easy way to serve guests during the rehearsal or reception. Your hotel can arrange to have a local bakery meet with you to determine which donuts you want to feature.

Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

  • Ceremony flowers

You already have flowers for the ceremony. Put them to good use after the wedding by arranging ceremony flowers as a centerpiece. Buy clear vases from the dollar store and tie a ribbon around the top. Have the bridesmaids place their flowers into the vases and use the arrangement on tables, bars, or anywhere you think they will look nice.

  • Dedicate one suitcase for wedding decor that you can take with you. This includes wedding programs, glue gun, ribbons, wire cutters, shells, picture frames, etc.
  • Buy cheap frames at the dollar store. Buy extra in case any are broken in flight. Glue bows, seashells, small flowers, and stones onto the picture frame. Place pictures of the bride and groom in the frames and put them in the center of each table.

Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

  • Buy Hawaiian leis or sandalwood fans for each of your wedding guest.  


Make good use of your honeymoon registry

Your honeymoon registry is very important for a destination wedding. A free Plumfund account allows you to let guests gift you with money for particular items instead of buying traditional wedding gifts.

List the activities you want to do, restaurants you would like to try, a couples spa trip, a night in the honeymoon suite of the hotel, and yes you can add expenses like decor, music, travel, and tours on your list. Many guests will use this option as they know you are getting what you want for your perfect day.

After the events are over, you can opt to donate your flowers to local nursing homes. The hotel can assist you in locating one. If there are leftover foods (that were unopened and unused), they can sometimes be donated to local missions or shelters. Throw away anything you do not absolutely want (like the dollar tree stuff). What’s left should easily fit into your suitcase. You have created a beautiful wedding at minimal expense and without having to ship box after box to and from your destination.

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