Clever Tricks to Make your engagement ring expensive

6 Clever Tricks to Make your engagement ring expensive

6 Clever Tricks to Make your engagement ring expensive

An engagement ring is quite special for both the bride and the groom. Given a choice an individual would want to buy the most expensive and attractive ring that is present out there. In most cases, due to budget constraints, most of the people have to buy a ring which is priced less. However, there is nothing to feel depresses about it.

Through the medium of this article, I am going to showcase a few of the tips or hacks by which you can make an engagement ring look more expensive.

Clever Tricks to Make your engagement ring expensive

1. Choose White Gold Over Platinum

Platinum is considered the best metal for an engagement ring due to its elegant style and durability. However, there is a cheaper alternative that will give a similar look and feel to that of platinum. White gold will give a similar shine and sparkle to your ring. The price of white gold is also way lesser than that of platinum. This will enable you to give your engagement ring an expensive feel.

2. Select A Halo Setting

By choosing a halo diamond engagement ring, the engagement ring will look bigger in size and will not demand the extra bucks from your end for a bigger stone. In a halo setting, you will be able to use low carat stones for covering the shank of the ring. These low carat stones are much cheaper in price than the higher carat ones. It is a great way to make a ring appear expensive but even spending too much money.

3. Prioritize the Cut of the Ring

You should always give priority to the cut of the ring as it is one aspect that makes the ring look more expensive. Cut plays a crucial role when it comes to diamond rings. It makes a ring stand out. The way the light moves through the diamond which is a reason for its overall sparkle and shine is dependent on the cut of the diamond. The more the sparkle the more a ring will look expensive.

4. Select An Undersize Diamond

By choosing an undersized diamond you will be able to make your ring look expensive similar to that of a large carat diamond. The undersize diamonds are those which weigh slightly less than that of the cut off weight. On viewing these rings, they will look identical to the slightly larger counterparts. This is a great way of saving quite a few dollars.

5. Look for Online Options

Instead of buying from a traditional store it is always advised to look for different options that are available on the various online stores. Over there you will be able to find a variety of different settings for your engagement ring. Any ring that would prove to be quite costly in a traditional store would be available for you at a much lesser cost. So in this way, you will have the possession of a ring that otherwise came under the expensive category.

6. Choose A Cluster Diamond Ring

It is better to go for a cluster diamond ring as the less weight of the smaller diamonds will make the ring appear bigger and much more expensive. This can be explained by taking an example. Two 0.5 carat diamonds will be way two cheaper than using a single diamond of 1 carat. The cluster of diamonds will keep the overall price of ring less and still give a feel that it is expensive.

In The End

Above mentioned are a few of the clever tricks that you can implement in order to give your ring an expensive look. These prove that it is always not necessary to spend huge bucks in order to buy a really expensive ring.


Author Bio- Evie Jones is a jewellery designer associated with an Melbourne based Diamond Company, an online store that offers a vast collection of halo cushion cut engagement rings diamond. Evie works with an experienced team of diamond experts. In mean time, Evie loves to explore and share the latest ring trends with others.

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