: How to Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

How to Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

A Day to Remember: How to Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

You’ve probably had people warn you that your wedding day will seem like a blur, and perhaps you’ve brushed this advice off as a platitude. However, when the day arrives, you’re likely to see how quickly it goes. Planning now can help you to avoid feeling as though you missed out on your own wedding day.

Hire the Right Photographer

You’ve always probably heard people say that once the wedding day is over, all you’ll have left are the photographs. While that phrase may be inaccurate overall, it does contain an important reminder. Hiring a professional and proficient wedding photographer like kauai wedding photography or a similar professional ensures that you get all of the right pictures with the right people.

: How to Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

You might think that you can just cull photos of the wedding day from your relatives’ and friends’ social media accounts, but doing so doesn’t ensure you’ll get pictures of your fiancé’s face as you walk down the aisle or a picture with your great-grandmother.

Choose a Videographer

Opting for photography means that you can look at the still images of the day over and over again. However, a video allows you to hear the recitation of your vows and special messages from the guests at your wedding. While the wedding video generally does not contain footage of every second of the event, you can sit down with the videographer to discuss the moments that you absolutely want to have on camera. Videographers can capture the little words and movements that make the day extra special.

Trim the Guest List

You may want to stop to ask yourself if you really need to invite your sixth cousin. If the two of you have a close bond, take another look at the guest list to see if you can eliminate anyone. You want to invite people who are truly there to celebrate your union and you will look forward to recounting the good times in the future. If you have a bunch of random people at your wedding, you may never see them again to talk about the thrills of the day.

Select Quality Vendors

One of the ways to keep your wedding alive in memories is to inspire people to talk about it, and if they didn’t like the food or thought that the music was bad, they probably aren’t going to bring up the experience in casual conversations. Take the time to try out the food at the venue and to see footage of some musical groups actually performing at weddings. People often say that food and music are the two biggest elements that they judge the quality of a wedding on, so take the time to make these elements just right.

Have a Guestbook

When guests come to your wedding, you can ask them to write wishes, messages or advice for you in a book. Sometimes, this activity is used at a bridal shower, but you can also bring it into the wedding day itself. Having a guestbook is a good way to remember who was at the wedding. Also, when you look at it years or decades from now, you may see words written by people who are now departed. A guestbook can be a cherished way to have their words stay with you for life.

The memories of your wedding are special ones, and you don’t want to forget about them. However, absorbing every detail on the actual day can be a challenge, especially when so much is going on around you and you are the center of attention. Taking some steps now can help to ensure that you will remember your wedding in the days, years and decades to come.

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