The Best Ways to Find a Great Wedding Photographer

The Best Ways to Find a Great Wedding Photographer

The Best Ways to Find a Great Wedding Photographer 

What’s the most important thing on your wedding day? That everything’s perfect, of course! Your dress, hair, and makeup, bridesmaids’ dresses, music, centrepieces, and the atmosphere must be on point, and your photographer should be able to capture it all. Not just that, but they should also capture the moment, the radiant smiles, tears of joy, and happiness on everyone’s faces. Finding a photographer who will be able to capture your perfect moments isn’t easy, so we give you several useful tips to help you in your search.

The Best Ways to Find a Great Wedding Photographer

Find what you like

There are different styles of photography, and not all of them suit everyone, so it’s important that you figure out the style of photography you like. Do you like your colors to stand out and be bright, or you prefer a bit of Photoshop to make them resemble something out of a fairy-tale? Perhaps you’re in love with a more vintage look, with photographs that have a bit washed-out tones and give you a nostalgic feel. On the other hand, would you like to have more traditional photos where all of you pose? There are so many possibilities and styles to choose from that you should see which ones you want. Before you book your wedding photographer, see if they will be able to do the style you want, and only then should you discuss the details.

The Best Ways to Find a Great Wedding Photographer

Ask around for recommendations

What’s the best way to get feedback? Ask around, of course! Ask your married friends if they were satisfied with their wedding photos and ask to look at their wedding albums. Don’t stop there: ask other professionals you work with if they know any good wedding photographers. A wedding planner will always have great contacts and they’ll surely be able to give you a few names. Look on social media too, and if you like a particular photo one of your friends posted online, ask who the photographer was. Another easy way is to pick up a few wedding magazines and look for photo credits in the “Real Weddings” section.

Look at their portfolio

When you think you’ve found a photographer you like, you should first look at their work. Most photographers already have a portfolio on their website. For example, Perfect Moment photography display a great collection on their website which you can browse through to see if the style they use suits you. It might be a lot of work, but it’s worth it – you will be able to find out a lot about the photographers and the way they work. What is more, you can also find great photos which can give you inspiration to do something similar in your own wedding photoshoot.

Make sure the price is right

Always ask what you’ll get for the price; sometimes photographers’ fees include wedding photo albums, prints, and high-resolution images which are usually saved on a disc or thumb drive. Some photographers will have a flat or an hourly rate, but charge you separately if you want pictures or albums. A great way to see how serious and professional your photographers are is to look on their website and see if they offer a price list. You should be able to choose from several different packages and they should be offered at different price points. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s included in the price otherwise you risk being unpleasantly surprised.

You will keep memorabilia from that day – your shoes, your wedding ring, perhaps your veil of the dress itself, but the one thing you will always go back to will be your wedding photographs. They will be a perfect reminder of that day – the emotions, the excitement, the love, and happiness will forever stay in those photos, and you want them to be perfect. Take time to find a great photographer who will capture the moments and fifty years from now you’ll be able to look back at the photos and be content.

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