Why are Halo Engagement Rings so popular all of a sudden?

Why are Halo Engagement Rings so popular all of a sudden?

Why are Halo Engagement Rings so popular all of a sudden?

In this last few years Halo rings have taken over the classic solitaire in the engagement ring popularity contest, but why is this?

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Halo Ring?

A Halo Engagement Ring offers a centre stone, with diamonds fixed around it, with much smaller pavé stones. (A pavé setting is made up of lots of small diamonds set closely together.) These smaller stones are all part of the splendour, as the surrounding stones all help capture the beauty and focus the attention on the center stone.


Where Does the Halo Ring Originate from?

Many experts say that the first halo engagement ring surfaced in the 1920’s, when diamonds were becoming progressively influential in the fashion world. Since then it’s slowly but surely increased in popularity, the with the halo engagement ring actually overtaking the traditional solitaire ring this year! In terms of popularity, the impressive rise of the style has been nothing short of spectacular, but it is easy to see why. The Halo is a truly beautiful style and has a lot of bonuses.


Why are they so popular?

Surprisingly, Halo rings are actually a cheaper option for those who crave a huge diamond, but whose budget may not actually be able to stretch that far.

Halo diamonds can look like they are bigger than they are because of the embedded diamonds around the outside. There is also the option to double, or even triple up the halo for a real showstopper. Every halo that is added will help make the diamond look larger and the ring feel a lot larger –  often much cheap than purchasing a larger diamond.


Can I customise It?

Another reason that halo rings are so popular is because they’re customisable and versatile. Personalising the engagement ring adds an appeal that is totally unique. Many people choose to buy loose diamonds and design their own Halo rings – to make them truly spectacular.


It’s a good idea to consider the true appeal and beauty of a diamond ring. Whether you are choosing yellow gold, rose gold or platinum to correspond with your loose diamonds, Halo Rings are the one to watch. You also need to remember that the diamond cut is massively important and can totally transform the look of the ring. The most popular when it comes to halo rings is probably a brilliant round with a princess cut, however halo rings look good in all shapes and sizes.


Do you have a halo engagement ring that you’re in love with? Send us some pictures, we’d love to see it!

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