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Wedding Style: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Of course, women like engagement rings, are multi-faceted.

Wedding Style: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Engagement ring styles in the twenty-first century are as varied as modern brides.

There are rings suited to outdoor enthusiasts, wholehearted romantics, glamour lovers, and minimalists. Rings reflect the wearer, read on to find out how your ring reflects your personality.


The Vintage Beauty

Those who love ornate, vintage style rings or sport a family stone are not shy of being a little unconventional. Engagement rings with a vintage twist are multi-diamond rings with an unusual, often ornate, shape or setting. Ever appreciating the unique, women with vintage rings appreciate the meaning and the story behind their possessions as much as the item itself.

The Glamour Girl

If your ring is bold and can make an entrance all on its own, you might just be a Hollywood glamour girl through and through. Such rings feature a prominent stone, maybe a princess or cushion cut, with an intricate, diamond studded band. Women who sport such a statement-making ring are sure to be confident and unforgettable.

The Traditionalist

The most popular ring by far is the solitaire – a single diamond set on a gold band. Women who sport a classic and elegant solitaire have a timeless style. Solitaires are simple and practical but with a classic beauty that is reflected in the single diamond. This suggests that the wearer is a traditionalist at heart. Simple rings that are white gold with a princess cut diamond, like those found at Best Brilliance, also suit many traditional looks.

The Rebel

Unusual engagement rings indicate that the wearer wanted a one-of-the-kind piece to celebrate her one-of-a-kind relationship. There is no typical look for these types of rings, and that is precisely why the woman who wears it is most likely a rebel at heart. Rebel engagement rings could feature a gem-stone that is not a diamond, no gem-stone at all, or ring that does not “look” like an engagement ring.

The Romantic

Engagement rings that have a halo setting are soft and feminine in appearance. Women who wear a feminine style ring likely have a romantic side. The kind of side that loves all beautiful things and is sweet and warm to all they meet.

The Active Yogi

Active women who practically live outdoors and actually do yoga in their yoga pants are likely to have a ring that suits their active lifestyle. Rings with a bezel setting are favored by this group. Ultimately, if you sport a minimal ring, maybe with a bezel setting, you likely are a driven person who loves the outdoors.

Of course, women, like engagement rings, are multi-faceted. However, a woman’s personality is often reflected in her engagement ring – the most personal and precious piece of jewelry she owns.

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