Hottest engagement ring styles you can shop this summer

Hottest engagement ring styles you can shop this summer

Hottest engagement ring styles you can shop this summer

There is no bigger sign of commitment to a relationship than proposing. Committing to marriage and spending the rest of your life with the one you love is a huge step and one that is not complete unless you have an engagement ring to fit the occasion.

Choose from the following styles:

Rose gold

Jewelry made with this precious metal has a beautiful copper shade which looks good no matter what tone your skin is. It is an excellent choice if you wish to have a traditional style ring or a unique, modern one.

Diamond ring

This precious stone will never go out of fashion!  However, size is not everything. Your ring can have one stone or be made up of several stones embedded into a band. Diamonds can be used as part of a traditional ring or a custom made one. The most important part of a diamond is actually the cut, clarity and carat; a smaller diamond may be much purer and more valuable than a large one!


A blue precious stone is guaranteed to mark your engagement ring as unique. The best effect is created by alternating a blue sapphire with a quality diamond.

The traditional band

The traditional engagement ring has a solid band with one diamond or precious stone in the center. However, the latest styles embrace custom shaped stones and engraving or delicate designs carved into the band. A unique and special message can be part of your engagement ring!

Hottest engagement ring styles you can shop this summer
Hottest engagement ring styles

Double banded halo

The double band ring looks like two rings merged into one and creates a distinct, beautiful look. The band can be studded with diamonds or a precious stone of your choice and complemented by having a large diamond or sapphire in the middle of the ring.

The floral look

One of the most popular rings of the moment is the floral ring. Create a design of flowers and vines, or any other detail you like in the same vein and have a ring which displays these patterns. The patterns can be carved into the band or filled with the precious stone of your choice.


It is no longer essential to have a clear diamond on your engagement ring. The latest trend is to have a colorful centre stone, a blue sapphire or even a yellow diamond. Even chocolate or black diamond is an acceptable look and certainly shows your bolder side.


It may surprise you to know that a ring does not have to be circular; in fact square bands are more comfortable to wear than their circular counterparts. They are also a fantastic change to the norm and are guaranteed to be a unique choice.


A popular choice which can never truly go out of fashion is the vintage look. A traditional vintage engagement ring will be circular with a square face. There should be a centre diamond and smaller diamonds at each of the points.

Hottest engagement ring styles you can shop this summer
Hottest engagement ring styles you can shop this summer

Three stones

Instead of one precious stone or a band of stones keep it simple, but different! A larger stone, diamond or colored gem, can be complemented by two smaller ones, one on each side.   Making the smaller stones a different color can create a beautiful effect.

Metal prongs

Add four prongs in a square shape on the top of your engagement ring, preferably in a different color to the rest of the ring. It will provide contrast and a unique style statement.  It can also keep your center stone safe!

Secret depth

The very latest, romantic trend is for a ring which actually opens! The ring is kept as a simple band, possibly with a pattern on it.  One side of the ring opens and reveals a small storage area.  A sentimental piece of text or your marriage vows can be stored in the ring and carried with you at all times! Not only is it unique and beautiful, it is a very romantic feature.

Signet ring

Last but not least, we have the signet ring. Excellent for women too not just for men, the signet is now widely used as an engagement ring. It comes with a crest instead of a diamond or precious stone, and it can be beautifully personalize. Write something meaningful on top, and your loved will surely appreciate the gesture.

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