The hottest bridal trends of 2016

2016 Bridal Department – What’s In This Year?

If you have finally decided to tie the knot this year and wish to become a princess bride at least for one day, perhaps the hottest bridal trends of 2016 can help you in choosing your garments.

This year is all about making an impression, so whether you choose a sexy, sleek, modest or subtle wedding look, you can be sure that you will leave everybody speechless. So before you finally decide on the perfect gown and the matching accessories, it is better to check out what is in style this year that could transform your altar walk into a catwalk:

Show Some Skin

If you are planning a spring or summer wedding, it is time to break out of your shell, forget the heavy layered gowns and opt for a lighter solution. For a modern and chic solution, sheer wedding dresses are the complete hit this year, enriched with lacy details and bold embellishments. Of course, the superb backless dress is never going to be out of style and is truly a design worth the praise. Pure elegance and glamour in all it’s glory.

Let It Bloom

For a gentle and subtle approach, botanical inspired wedding gowns, floral motifs and earthy embellishments make the perfect look for an outdoor spring wedding. Embrace the nymph in you and opt for some chic and delicate details to top your whole bridal look. 2016 is bringing back the fairy weddings and is teaming up with Mother Nature to create the whimsical dresses every bride deserves. These nature inspired trends are one of the hottest wedding styles this year.

Spanish Influence

Let’s go overseas a bit and visit the land of flamenco, exotic beauty and unique culture. Spanish inspired weddings are the new trend this year. From mesmerizing wedding gowns made from soft fabrics like tulle, organza, satin and chiffon and their impeccable lace details, ruffles and tiers, up to the bold and colourful embellishments, the Spanish influence is very much present in the bridal department this year. So for any bride who is willing to enrich her wedding with some European influence, the Spanish inspired wedding is just the thing for you.

Spanish inspired weddings are the new trend this year
Spanish inspired weddings are the new trend this year

Ditch the Dress

Who says you need a wedding gown to get married? 2016 is all about breaking the traditions, so consider skipping the dress and opting for an alternative bridal outfit. White suits for brides are the next best thing when it comes to unusual wedding looks. If you are not dreaming of a big puffy dress and simply do not find yourself in a role of a princess bride, then this bold trend is the perfect wedding style for you. Surprise your guests by walking that aisle in a full bridal suit and matching wedding shoes.

Back To Black

Do we all dream of a white wedding? Get out of your comfort zone, ditch the traditions, and opt for something bold. If you are up for the challenge, do not hesitate to choose a black wedding dress for your special day. It might seem a bit over the top, but fashion designers are swearing that this trend is slowly taking over the whole world. Everything is about breaking some rules, but if you are not so prone of black, perhaps it is a good idea to opt for some other colourful dresses which are also quite popular this year.

the hottest bridal trends of 2016
the hottest bridal trends of 2016

Make a Statement

Did we already mention that 2016 is all about making a statement? So if you are not completely ready to break out of your chains and do something too extravagant, perhaps it is a good idea to top your look with something attention worthy. Hair jewellery is the next big trend this year, as well as tiaras for the complete bridal look. Flashy details and vivid colours are a great way to enrich your wedding outfit. Veils are also making a comeback in 2016 so do not hesitate to opt for some of these daring options.

Weddings are supposed to be memorable and divine, but they should also be made by your measurements. There is no need to obey every wedding tradition; step out of the box and do something extraordinary. This is your day so make it different and make it special.

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