Planning Essentials for Your Perfect Dream Wedding

10 Planning Essentials for Your Perfect Dream Wedding

10 Planning Essentials for Your Perfect Dream Wedding

Wedding planning and organization can be really fun and enjoyable but equally stressful as well. Therefore, once you have your date set, it’s essential that you stick to the proper schedule and tend to various tasks accordingly. So, in order to plan your perfect wedding stress-free, keep the following tips in mind. That way you can make sure that every aspect of the wedding preparations are covered and you can enjoy them to the fullest.

1. Budget

As mentioned, before you start with your preparations, you need to have a specific time frame for your big day in mind. A certain period of time might even be better than choosing one day right from the start. So, once you have that worked out, the first thing you want to deal with is your wedding budget. Discuss this with your partner thoroughly and leave some room for unforeseen expenses. Properly calculated wedding budget will make the rest of your planning a hundred times easier.

2. Guest list

Now that you have your budget worked out, it’s time to put together a guest list. You may want a small, intimate wedding, or a big, grandiose one. Essentially, the number of guests has to match your wedding budget.

3. Wedding location

There are plenty of marvelous wedding locations, perfect for both the couples that want a traditional venue and unconventional place. Of course, with the budget and guest list prepared in advance, it will be a lot more effective to actually book the place you want. This is also a step when you’ll be able to specifically set the date for your wedding.

4. Religious ceremony

If you wish to have a religious ceremony as well, you should book your date in time. Just like with wedding venues, you should keep in mind that churches and other religious institutions also have a busy schedule in this regard.

5. Wedding theme

Once the mentioned aspects of your wedding are all planned and worked out, it’s time to move on to the more “interesting” part of the wedding prep. This is the moment when you get to decide whether you want a particular theme for your wedding. This would involve the décor, your dress style as well as the specific guest attire.

Planning Essentials for Your Perfect Dream Wedding
Planning Essentials for Your Perfect Dream Wedding

6. Décor

If you have a specific theme in mind, this will help you get the decorative bits and pieces ready. This is something you should do little by little. There’s no need to get/make all décor at once. If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, you may want to decorate with certain color combinations, flowers, fairy lights, etc. Therefore, pick your favorite color combo before you get overwhelmed with all the possible choices. Also, don’t forget to find and hire a florist for that day.

7. Music and photography

You may be perfectly happy with a small wedding ceremony with music playing from the speakers or your best friend playing the guitar. However, if you plan to have a live performance on your wedding day, you need to book the band or musician(s) in time. The same goes for your wedding photos and videos. You can leave this to a friend or hire professionals for that day.

8. Wedding menu

Just like you need to organize music, a florist and photographer, you also need to think about the catering and your wedding menu. You may want to consider the vegetarian options and common food allergens as well. Don’t forget about your perfect wedding cake either. What’s more, you can always get custom-made cake boxes in Sydney to give your guests a piece of your wedding cake as a wedding favor.

9. Shop for attire

This is something you can take your time with, if you start your search once you have your wedding theme decided. Both you and your partner should enjoy shopping for your wedding attire so don’t leave this for the last minute. Remember, choose something that you like and feel great in, that flatters your body shape.

10. Take care

Taking good care of yourself is not something you practice just a couple of weeks before the wedding, but a healthy mindset that can improve your lifestyle. Therefore, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and adopt an effective skincare routine.

Of course, don’t forget to send out your invitations in time. Usually, you should notify your guests about your wedding and any additional info (such as specific attire) at least three months before the big day. Make a plan and stick to it – that way, you’ll have time for everything and there will be less chance for unpleasant surprises.

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