Wedding Party for Wedding People

Wedding Party for Wedding People

Wedding Party for Wedding People

A wedding is an important milestone in your life and it should be approached seriously and with respect. However, once the ceremony is over and you’re officially married, why not have some fun? Or even better, a lot of fun! So, if you, your partner and your friends enjoy super fun parties and a lot of music and dancing, opt for a wedding party instead of a classic reception. Here are some cool ideas that will turn your wedding into the party of the century.

Wedding Party for Wedding People
Wedding Party for Wedding People – Play that funky music

Play that funky music

There’s no party without good music, so your choice of music can make or break your wedding. You have two main choices: a band or a DJ. If you’re opting for a band, make sure they know all your favorite songs and that they can get people dancing. Another thing you should check with the bend is how they handle breaks. No band can play non-stop for 4-5 hours, but you don’t want to be without music just when things get heat up. If your bend plays filler music during the breaks, make sure to approve their playlist. On the other hand, if a DJ is more to your taste, have a conversation with your disk jockey in advance. Maybe make a playlist of your favorite songs and ask them to expand it in similar style. However, no matter the music, you’re guests can’t dance if you don’t have a big dance floor.

Be the life of the party

If you and your new spouse are acting stiff and uncomfortable, your guests will too and your party will be a failure. So, be the life of the party, even if you’re exhausted. Once you and your closest friends get out on the dance floor, everyone will follow. Also, don’t bother your party people with long speeches, but keep them short and sweet. And if you get a few fun accessories like a photo booth, make-your-own-cocktail station and fun party favours, you’re guests and you will have the time of your lives.

A casual backyard wedding party

Party people can have a great wedding that’s much more budget-friendly compared to those who dream of an elegant fairytale wedding in a high-end location.

Having a backyard wedding party is a cheap way to have a unique and fun wedding and a casual and intimate atmosphere will get people to relax and party like crazy. Put up some fairy lights or candles, serve bite-sized food and fun drinks and let your guests celebrate your special day. Spend the money you saved up on your location on an unforgettable luxe honeymoon.

Wedding Party for Wedding People
Wedding Party for Wedding People – A pool party

Yay! A pool party

If you’re getting married in the summer, having a pool party wedding is a great way to celebrate your nuptials. It requires minimal preparation and your guests will love an innovative wedding that will also help them cool off. All you need is essential pool equipment such as pool lights and most of your decoration is already done! Get a bunch of inflatable pool toys, beach balls and jump in! Just make sure everyone knows how to swim (hiring a lifeguard is a good idea).

Wedding Party for Wedding People
Wedding Party for Wedding People – Pizza party wedding

Pizza party wedding

Why not? It’s the ultimate casual wedding event you can plan and your budget will stay practically intact! Plus, nothing makes people as happy and relaxed as comfort food.

If you want to make your pizza wedding unique, create signature pizza dishes or his-and-hers pie with your favorite ingredients. And if you hire real pizza maestros, you’ll even have some first-class entertainment as those chefs know how to create delicious magic right in front of your hungry eyes. As party favors, you can send your guests home with miniature pizzas or discount coupons for the best pizza in town.

Just because you decided to make your relationship official in the traditional way, you don’t have to follow the rules of a classic reception too. It’s your special day, and you should do whatever makes you happy. If you love to party, then party until dawn at your unique and fun wedding!

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