How to Design the Perfect Rustic Wedding

How to Design the Perfect Rustic Wedding

How to Design the Perfect Rustic Wedding

A wedding is an auspicious event in one’s life. It is a new journey wherein two souls meet each other to create a brand-new life.  Everyone tries their best to make the wedding day really special and memorable one. Tremendous efforts and planning have always been a part of the pre-wedding preparation. The Rustic wedding style is one of the popular trends people follow around the globe.

Rustic wedding helps you to achieve an elegant yet simple look. Let us explore how to make a dream rustic wedding.

Wedding décor is all about the settings

The important player in the setting is the nature. Choose a location where nature provides a magnificent picture-perfect view. The money spent on this regard is always worth. Decor your tables and chairs in a way that blends well with nature. The location for a rustic wedding is usually a lakeside resort, a ranch, farm or mountaintop.


Choose the colour combination wisely. The colour you choose must be one that easily aligns with your settings. Colours like white, ivory, cream, nude or latte are some famous choices made for the rustic wedding. These vintage colours help to bring that “Dreamy and Romantic” concept of your big occasion and helps you capture perfect pictures. In case if you wish to have a bolder concept, then go for colours like orange, purple, brown, red etc.


Music is indispensable on all wedding occasion. A pleasant music playing in the background forms the right ambience. Ensure your choice and flow of music to build a great playlist well in advance.


Choose your furniture and related decorative items carefully. Antique furniture goes well with a rustic wedding concept. Beautify the lounge spaciously to provide a homely feeling to the guest. Crystal chandeliers can accompany lamps to have a fantastic look and feel. Suspended florals and garlands also help in adding the beauty of the setting. Arrange your table with flowers or herbs in order to bring that nature-friendly touch. Have a vintage look by decorating it with Moss filled terrarium. It is advisable not to fill your table with too many things just because you love it. Unnecessary elements can turn the attention away and bring confusion to the viewers.


Wedding dress attracts everyone’s attention. Ensure that the wedding dress suits well with the settings and background decorations. Pick the dress of your choice and then plan the settings. The idea here is that the settings, decoration, grooms suit and everything should well harmonize with your dress.


Another aspect is the floral bouquet of the bride. The flowers in the bouquet must look fresh throughout the day. Flowers like hanging amaranths, succulents, Dahlias and sunflowers are mostly preferred for a rustic wedding. Wildflowers can add more beauty to the bouquet in a rustic wedding. You can also ask your florist for an opinion.

Wedding Menu

The menu selected for a rustic wedding must be simple yet perfect. You can opt for a five-course meal for the wedding. The variety and choice help the guest to select accordingly. Fresh farm to table food is also an option. Plan your wedding cake creatively to match with the overall settings.

Table Cloth

In case your venue has lovely wooden tables, let it be open. Don’t close them with clothes. The wooden look adds beauty naturally and gives a stunning touch to the overall settings.

Light Up Letters

The recent trend people follow is to have to Light Up letters placed in special places. The words like ‘Love’ and ‘Beauty with Love’ and so on are used to make the setting special and picture perfect. I love these fairy lights to improve any setting.

Pictures with Animals

This is a great idea indeed. If you decide to have a rural wedding place, make sure to click few pictures with animals. Pictures with animals particularly with horses display your great taste and also showcases your uniqueness.

How to Design the Perfect Rustic Wedding
How to Design the Perfect Rustic Wedding

Casual Dress and Wedding Board

One of the trends is people opt for a casual dress instead of black suits to form a casual vibe. Also, a lovely wedding board with your favourite quotes and drawings add colours to the celebration.

A Wooden Guest Book

A wooden guest book helps to ensure a new look. Guests use this to write their good wishes and this will come out as a great creative piece of work towards the end.

Rustic weddings ideas can definitely help make your wedding an auspicious one and save big on the budget.

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