How to Plan a Perfect Engagement Party

How to Plan a Perfect Engagement Party

How to Plan a Perfect Engagement Party 

Planning your engagement party is the first step to getting a glimpse of wedding organization. It takes a lot of time, nerves and management, but with the right tips, a lot of help from your friends and family and some patience, your engagement party will be the fabulous prelude to your big day. Therefore, if you’re not sure how to start planning your engagement party, the following tips will help you make the happy occasion as beautiful as possible.

Make a guest list

One of the first things to think about when planning your engagement party is the people you want to celebrate with. However, keep in mind that all the people who’ll attend your engagement party will also have to be invited to your wedding. It’s best if you plan for an intimate party and leave room for additional guests to come to your wedding. It’s a better option than realizing you’ve invited too many people when you don’t have a big enough a budget for the wedding. After you’ve put together a guest list, make sure you send out the invitations with plenty of lead time.

Pick a venue

Once you know the number of people that’ll attend your engagement party, you can start looking for the perfect venue. A restaurant or home is a classic choice for a small, intimate event. The place you pick should speak of the formality of the party, so consider an art gallery, a beach, or even a local park somewhere in Sydney. A hotel rooftop is one of the favourite choices for many Australians, while a country club or your favourite bar can also be a lovely idea for a slightly larger party. The backyard of your parents’ home can be a terrific idea for a low-key occasion.

Set the mood

The decor and ambience are crucial aspects to think about when planning your engagement party. You should do your best to enhance the celebration vibe, so think about spicing up the venue with candlelight. If you decide to throw your engagement party outdoors, on the other hand, light up the space with beautiful string lights. Wrap them around trees, or hang them on the ceiling of the tent for the ultimate romantic vibe. Just make sure you consult with an electrician in Parramatta before you hang all the lights to ensure that your backyard can handle them. Chinese lanterns and candles on chairs can also be wonderful lighting solutions, so feel free to make them a part of your party decor.

How to Plan a Perfect Engagement Party
How to Plan a Perfect Engagement Party

Plan the menu

Passed appetizers, a display of cheeses, meats and crudités are a good choice of food for a cocktail evening. Your favourite cookout is a great choice if you’re throwing a party in your backyard, but a plated meal is a must if your event is going to be formal. However, that doesn’t mean you must oblige to a five-course sit-down, but a tasting menu or an eat-when-you-want cookout will be great too. An afternoon event with a brunch-time omelette station and mimosas or a chip-and-dip bar and margaritas can also be an option if you don’t want to make too formal an occasion.

Pick out the attire

Last, but certainly not the least important is the choice of wardrobe you’ll be wearing for your party. You should think about a white or ivory sundress if you opt for an outdoor celebration. A white cocktail dress is a safe choice for a more formal evening, while the groom-to-be can go with a seersucker or light grey suit. Also, make sure your fiancé’s attire complements yours in formality.

With just a little bit of organization and smart planning, you’ll throw a wonderful engagement party. Just make sure you start planning and send the invites on time, choose the right venue and provide delicious food, and your guests will be delighted to attend your party.

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