entertain your guests on your wedding day 

7 ways to entertain your guests on your wedding day 

7 ways to entertain your guests on your wedding day 

Wedding days are one of the most memorable days of anyone’s lives. Weddings are supposed to be full of fun and entertainment as weddings are synonymous to joy and happiness. It is not easy to plan a wedding as it is not just about one day and one event, but there are a string of events that are supposed to be managed along with it. Wedding planners, those with years of experience, at times fall prey to such tedious problems during the wedding preparations that cannot be imagined. But the most important of all is to plan a step by step itinerary for the wedding day so that there is no confusion at all on that day. Wedding planners also make special arrangements to keep all the guests entertained throughout the ceremony so that no one gets bored.

There are lot of ways that are employed by wedding planners to keep the wedding venue filled with excitement and make sure that everyone enjoys each minute of their presence. Let us see some of them that you can include in your wedding itself to keep all your dear ones happy on the happiest day of your life.

Fabulous food– well, the next most important thing in a wedding after the ceremony might be food itself. Do not underestimate the ability of good food to initiate conversation while your guests are sitting at the table. With the continuous availability of good and variety of dishes, the guests will be happily sitting at their table, munching the delicious snacks along with a glass of champagne or wine and fondly listening to the speeches made by close family members and friends.

Wedding DJ- after the ceremony is over, after all the speeches are made for the bride and the groom, it is time for party at the reception. If your lot is the party animal type, has been frequent to the nightclubs of the city, then this option is the best suited for you. Hiring a DJ for the reception is one of the best and the most trusted ways to get the party started. Who would sit back on their chairs when the DJ is playing your favourite dance number!

Live band performance- dancing is not everyone’s way to enjoy, some of us live to experience the beauty of music. You would surely know who is the most popular band amongst your family and friends. Hire a live band for a performance at your wedding and wait to see the magic they will create! There performance is surely going to transform the night into a music concert that will be cherished for the entire life.

Solo musicians- if you have planned for a wedding that is not flashy and is low key, then you can ask for your wedding  planners to hire solo musicians so that the music is still there but not as loud as a wedding DJ or a live band. Maybe a pianist like Benjamin Clarke or some solo singer who will keep your small gathering lively with their soulful music and enable subtle conversations during the ceremony. If it is a daytime wedding, then there is nothing better than this sort of entertainment for your guests who would also appreciate a simple, easy breezy performance, just like the time of the day!

Magicians- there are not many things that are funnier and more entertaining than a magic show! How about having one at your wedding venue also! Remember how awestruck you used to be during any of those magic show in your school. This is sure to get back amazing memories with you friends who will be present at your wedding to wish you luck for the future. The show will keep the guests engrossed in the tricks all day long and everyone will have a smile on their face, whatever their age be!

Photo booths– every wedding must have a photo booth to take the most hilarious photos even when you are dressed in your best! Have exciting props kept at the booth and it should be mandatory for everyone to get at least one picture clicked with any of those props. Afterall, we are only creating memories of the best day of the lives of two people.

Wedding games- the last but not the least, wedding games! The classic but surely one of the most effective ways to make the wedding lively. You can hire a professional to conduct these games and also give away special rewards for all those who win these games! Puzzles, questions about the couple, and other such games can be real fun in the wedding.

entertain your guests on your wedding day 

Author Bio : Benjamin Clarke is a trained musician and song-writer, with expertise in playing various instruments. He has showcased his talent at some of the notable concerts across the UK.

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