3 Tips To Become the Best Maid of Honor

3 Tips To Become the Best Maid of Honor

3 Tips To Become the Best Maid of Honor

First of all—congratulations! Second to being a bride at her own wedding day, every woman dreams to become a maid of honor for at least once in her life. There is a sense of pride in knowing that you, out of all the other women, were chosen by the bride as her right hand for the most important day of her life. Indeed, having been chosen as a maid of honor is a great honor but as they say, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ The heavy and meticulous task set upon you can be somewhat overwhelming especially if this would be your first time. Nonetheless, relax—we got you covered!  We are here to help and guide you through the stressful yet exhilarating journey to becoming the top notch maid of honor you were made to be. Below are the three things you should do to make this (and the bride’s dream wedding) happen:

  1. Plan the Bachelorette Party Ahead

One of the most well-known tasks of a maid of honor is leading in the preparation for the bride’s bachelorette party. Just like any event, this can be time-consuming as well as energy-consuming. Yes, a surprise bachelorette party sounds exciting, but is it really worth the risk of increasing the chances of stressing the bride with your unannounced and unscheduled party? Whether you opt for a destination bachelorette party or an excursion type of hen party, planning ahead will lessen the stress and the possibility of things going wrong at the last minute. In planning the bachelorette party, it is essential to be on the same page with the bride. All the wedding preparations will inevitably make the bride’s calendar all marked out. Be sure to check up on the bride and set a definite date for the party considering the bride’s hectic schedule and the availability of everyone you plan to invite in the event. (Tip: To make this easier for you, consider asking the help of the bridesmaids so that they can help you in organizing and coordinating everything for this special night. Don’t hog the fun all to yourself!)

  • Show Your Support By Being There For Her

Since being a Maid of Honor comes with having many responsibilities, you are bound to spend a lot of your time beside the bride planning and organizing the wedding. Being the bride’s right-hand, you are expected to be with her throughout the whole process. From helping the bride decide which wedding dress makes her look her best to choosing where to get premier wedding event rentals, your suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated. Most of the time, brides tend to get indecisive due to the immense pressure the big day gives her. Giving her suggestions and supporting her choices are just two ways to help ease her nerves (just be careful not to assert yourself too much).

  • Stay Calm and Composed

Pre-wedding jitters are too real. Your role as the bride’s Maid of Honor is to be her go-to-girl slash pseudo-therapist. Listen to her attentively and ward off all the unnecessary stress. You cannot do this if you too, are having a major panic attack. The last thing the bride needs is an extra soul emitting negative vibes. If you don’t like how the makeup-artist did your eyeliner or if the way your dress flowed disappointed you, tell anyone but the bride. She will be dealing with enough stressful situations so avoid burdening her with another one. Also, if you see her stressing and having second-thoughts, reassure her. Do not let the bride become a slave to her irrational whims. Do not let her make any major changes if you don’t think she’s able to think straight at the moment.

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