Planning the perfect stag party

Planning the perfect stag party

Stag do activities you must try

Planning the perfect stag do definitely needs a lot of consideration. You need to make a lot of phone calls, meet a number of people and find the best place for your party. Whichever activity you choose to include in your party you need to be sure that it will give you all the fun and relaxation you want. Let us see some of the best activities you should try out!

Visit a cocktail lab

If you are a fun of good drinks and you just want to spend your time with friends in a relaxed environment, then visiting a cocktail lab can be the perfect solution. There, you will be able to try out making your own cocktails using any kind of spirits available, with the help of expert bartenders. Choose the cocktail you have always liked the best or experiment yourself by making a new one and naming it after you.

Choose an outdoors activity

If you are the athletic type of man who likes being outdoors, then you should definitely try a fascinating activity, like rafting or a cruise tip with your friends. Certain countries, including Germany, are the perfect destination for such kind of activities. For example, Hamburg stag do activities outdoors are among the most popular ones around the world.

Planning the perfect stag party
Choose an outdoors activity as a perfect stag party

Trying out rafting is an experience full of adrenaline, fun and heart-pumping. It is ideal if you are the fast-paced kind of person. On the other hand, if you prefer something more relaxed and quite you could always go on a cruise trip around the canals of the city. You could even hire a boat for the whole day and schedule a party with unlimited food and drinks on board.

Try out an escape room

Have you ever heard about the different types of rooms you can try to escape from as part of a game?

If you are a man of action, then the perfect stag party for you could be this kind of activity.

Choose your team of best friends, get into a hired room and spend your time solving puzzles, breaking secret codes and running from your worst enemies.

Car racing

Being a man you probably love speed and racing. Imagine having the opportunity to drive a Ferrari or compete with your friends on a special race track. You could also, try out a F1 simulator that will give you all the adrenaline and G-force of a real car racing. You could even participate in a network racing with other stags from around the world.

Plan a pool event

Whether you want to spend your time swimming and sun tanning or just relax with a cocktail on a sideways sunbed, a pool party can be the perfect stag do for you and your team. You could even turn your pool party into a night experience with loud music, drinks and some beauties to keep you and your friends company.

Planning the perfect stag party
Planning the perfect stag party

Choosing the best stag do activity depends a lot on your personal interests and likes. Since your stag party will be a once in a lifetime occasion, you really need to plan it carefully and make sure you feel full and happy at the end of the day.

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