Organizing A Stag Do: Paying Attention to Detail

Organizing A Stag Do: Paying Attention to Detail

Organizing A Stag Do: Paying Attention to Detail

So, you are the lucky one chosen for the honour of the best man? That’s great. And that also means you are going to be the organiser of the stag do for the groom which in itself is a huge occupation. A stag party, pardon me all the brides, is the event that the groom and his friends most eagerly wait for. Since it is such an important event, the best man has to be on his toes always till the party ends, and at times even after that. All the preparations have to be done taking care of the minutest of the details so that nothing falls short. Not only this, you have to fulfil each and every desire of your best mate so that it becomes the best party of his life.

Being aware of what a mammoth task organising a stag do is, we bring to you the details that you must take care of while chalking out your plan of action for the party.

Knowing what the groom wants

Yes, you are the man behind the preparations but it is the groom who is the reason behind the party. It is his big day and so everything must be done according to his whims and fancies. You must thoroughly consult with him before making any final decisions regarding the party, be it the venue, the dates or even the booze that has to be arranged. Each and everything must be done according to his will so that there isn’t a wish that is left unfulfilled for his own stag party.

Deciding the venue and duration of the party

Even before you begin to make any reservations for the party, you must know where the venue is and for how many days the celebrations will continue. It totally depends on your budget and the groom’s preference whether he wants to have a lavish trip outside the country, or a serene get together in the quiet countryside or maybe just a night’s affair at a local pub. Once you decide the venue and the time duration, you can go ahead with the final reservations according to the budget.

Organizing A Stag Do: Paying Attention to Detail
Organizing A Stag Do: Paying Attention to Detail

Planning the activities is crucial

Whatever might be the location of the stag do, and the number of people attending it, you must be very immaculate with the planning of the activities that you have in mind for them. For instance, if you’re heading out of the town for a weekend, plan your activities in a way that there is enough time to rest and any unprecedented delay in the journey is accounted for. In a frenzy of doing multiple things, do not make an itinerary that leaves no time to rest and only demands the squad to keep travelling from one activity spot to another.

Revise all the arrangements

This might seem pretty obvious but a lot of times, the best men tend to miss out on this crucial suggestion. It is better to make a list of all the required things so that you can keep referring to it and not forget any part. After you think all the arrangements have been made, all the tickets are booked and everything has been packed, take a minute and revise all the arrangements. You will instantly get to know if you have forgotten anything so you can keep it in your bag.


A stag do is supposed to be the best event of the wedding, at least for the groom and his friends. Being the best man, it comes down to you to make this party the best that anyone has seen. Keep the above suggestions in your mind while you do the planning of the best ever party for your best mate.

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