Latest jewelry trends for this summer

Latest jewelry trends for this summer

Latest jewelry trends for this summer. It is summer and the word evokes so many images- days in the sun, beach parties and barbeques, holidays chasing the rays and warm waters. The trend this year is: bigger is better. Bling is always in and this year is no different. Think crystal and long chandelier earrings to rock that beach party. All you need sometimes is that one perfect piece of jewelry and nothing else to make quite the statement. The beauty of big jewelry is that just on piece- a bracelet, earrings or chain will do to make a great fashion statement.

Lots of fashion magazines are predicting a heart trend. That’s right, the 80s fashion trend for oversized hearts is back! Seems like everyone, from runway models to the cool kids on social media are rocking huge heart jewelry. This is a fun way to keep things cool. Top off your summer romance with large heart lockets, crystal embellished heart earrings or a simple heart ring. If you want to make a strong statement, get some rainbow colored hearts, earrings or pendant to tell people that love is love.

Pearls are in fashion in a big way. It’s not hard to see why. When have they ever gone out of style? This summer, raid your mother’s jewelry box and carry off the pearls in style. A huge silver and pearl neck piece could do the trick. Why not pick up pearls of your own? What says summer more than freshwater? Freshwater pearls, that is. Freshwater pearls are an exclusive style statement and say more than you will ever need to. They come in different sizes and colors and lend themselves beautifully to everything- from a swimsuit to an evening gown. Think about a trendy ear cuff or an avant-garde bracelet with one large pearl. Take a classic part of jewelry and give it your own modern twist. In fact, you can spend all your days in a pair of sleek pearl hoops or some sculptural earrings. No hassles and a big statement. Go in for heart shaped earrings encrusted with pearls for the best of two hot summer trends- pearls and hearts. Think statement pearls- unexpected designs and shapes with the unbeatable elegance of pearls.

A perfect nod to the summer is shell jewelry. Designers are coming up with beautiful pieces to wear in the summer and pretty much through the year. Huge shell earrings, hoops with cowrie (puka) shell danglers, a simple chain with puka and pearls, or a shell hair pin- shells lend themselves to pretty much everything. Give your beach waves some style with a hair clip made of shell, or use a pearl tiara for some playful elegant fun. In fact, hair jewels are big this year. So, use a bandana by all means, but spice things up with some hair accessories. From barrettes to ropes of pearls to weave into your tresses, your hair is a perfect canvas for some great styles too.

Some other trends are initial pendants, logo necklaces and chokers and super- long earrings.

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