5 Ways to Save on a Wedding Venue

5 Ways to Save on a Wedding Venue

5 Ways to Save on a Wedding Venue

Getting married doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. By finding ways to save money on your wedding venue, you will be able to celebrate your nuptials without putting so much strain on your budget. And that means more money for honeymoon vacation, travel with your spouse, or just post-wedding expenses. Often, booking the venue can be a massive expense. But fortunately, it is one you can avoid! By following these five tips, you will be able to save money on your wedding venue.

Reserve During the Off-Season

Spring and summer are popular seasons for getting married, and you can possibly cut your costs significantly by choosing to get married in the fall or winter instead. Some venues may even be willing to negotiate a better deal with you to try to secure a reservation when there aren’t as many couples who want to get married during the slower seasons.

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By reserving at a time outside the regular wedding season, you may be able to get a better deal and save on a venue while still getting the same value out of it. Similarly, you can also get better deals by going to venues further away from the hot wedding spots. Different places within the same state or city can have vastly different prices. For instance, wedding venues in Derry might be cheaper than similar venues in Manchester.

Get Married in the Morning or Afternoon

On a similar note, weddings also tend to happen at specific times as well as in specific seasons. The evening is a prime time for many couples to get married, and some venues are known to charge top dollar to reserve during these hours. You’ll possibly get a price break by getting married in the morning or afternoon instead when some venues are scrambling to fill bookings.

In essence, look for times when they won’t be so busy and will be more willing to give you a discount to fill the space. A morning or afternoon wedding can be lovely, and it leaves the rest of the day for you to relax and enjoy yourself. Just make sure to plan and make all the preparations the day before. Hiring caterers and other help can assist you in making sure a morning wedding are pulled off on time.

Avoid a Saturday Wedding

Aside from times and seasons, days can also be priced differently. Saturday is often the most popular day of the week to get married, and you can expect to pay higher prices if you try to hold your ceremony on this day. Getting married at a wedding venue on a Sunday or one of the weekdays can be easier on your finances.

Purchase a Package

Some wedding venues offer package deals that include photographers, caterers, and other services along with reserving the venue itself. By selecting a package deal, you won’t have to worry about reserving everything separately. Plus, you’ll be paying a flat rate when you book all of these services at once as part of a package deal, and this may save you from having to deal with any unexpected costs down the road.

Purchase Things Separately

On the other hand, many businesses immediately hike up the price when they hear ‘wedding.’ You can get a fantastic cake, caterers, and more for much less if you simply say it’s for an event, and you can add the wedding touches yourself. If a venue allows you to bring your own alcoholic beverages instead of requiring you to pay set prices for their drinks, taking advantage of this opportunity can save you a lot of money.

Breweries and venues in your area may sell beer and wine in bulk at much cheaper prices than what you’d pay at some wedding venues. In fact, it can be cheaper to do a lot of things on your own instead of hiring wedding-specific planners and caterers.

Choosing the right time and place to get married can do wonders for your wedding budget. If you’re concerned about the cost of your wedding, taking the right steps to save money on your wedding venue will offer you some financial relief.

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