4 Practical Poses to Practice for Your Wedding Pictures

4 Practical Poses to Practice for Your Wedding Pictures

4 Practical Poses to Practice for Your Wedding Pictures

As with any wedding, there’s always going to be a photo session so you can remember the memories from that happy day. Getting good photos is all in hiring a great photographer and planning appropriately. Here are four poses that you and your partner should be practicing before your photo session to ensure that your pictures turn out as spectacularly as you hope for.

The Kiss

Everyone always wants to see a photo of the happy couple sharing a kiss on their special day. If you’ve ever seen some awkward kiss photos, it can be laughable, to say the least. You find yourself saying, “They don’t even seem comfortable around each other.” To avoid the awkwardness in your wedding photo session, practice the kiss pose a few times to get it just right. You want it to come across as effortless on film and as if no one is watching you.

Find Your Good Side

While you may think of your face as symmetrical, the truth is that no one’s really is. You should take a look in the mirror to determine which side is your best side. Ask your partner and share your determination about which side of their face you think is best. If you really can’t decide, your wedding photographers can help you out on this particular matter. You’ll thank yourself when you do that side pose photo and absolutely love the results.

4 Practical Poses to Practice for Your Wedding Pictures
4 Practical Poses to Practice for Your Wedding Pictures

The Forehead Kiss

One of the main favorites of this day and age is the forehead kiss. This is where the groom leans, usually, down to kiss the forehead of his new bride. When done correctly, this can appear as a sweet moment. However, there are some problems that you should mitigate ahead of time to ensure it is sweet and not awkward. Having a groom with a bushy beard or goatee can really ruin the photo. Have him trim it up if you plan on doing this photo pose.

The Lean Back Kiss

A classic for wedding photos, this pose is comprised of the groom swinging back his bride for a nice kiss. If you’ve ever looked online at wedding photos, this is one that can go either very right or very wrong. If you want to include it as one of your poses, then you should do a lot of practicing ahead of time. You want the bride to be able to feel comfortable in the position and not as if she’s about to fall over.

When it comes time for your wedding photos, you want to be prepared. By practicing the poses above, you can be ensured that your photos will turn out amazing. And, the best part is that your guests won’t have to wait too long for your photo session to be over to get on with the reception.

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  1. Angela Cappetta - A Happy NYC Photographer

    ALways good to plan this out but don’t feel conflicted if it doesn’t come to pass. Lots of factors can send the best plans sideways. Just remember to enjoy the day 🙂

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