4 Fashion Rules for Grooms

4 Fashion Rules for Grooms

4 Fashion Rules for Grooms

The wedding day is one of the most important days in both the groom’s and the bride’s life. However, it may seem that more attention is given to choosing the bride’s fabulous gown, while the groom’s choice of the outfit for this special day is not given the same amount of importance. This in no way means that the future husband should not invest a bit of creativity into looking stylish and just as stunning as his beautiful wife-to-be.

Therefore, if you are a man who is planning on saying the big “I do” any time in the future, we bring you some tips on how to look fashionable for your wedding day.

Go for a three-piece suitGo for a three-piece suit

If you want to find the perfect combination of classic and modern, a three-piece suit should be your choice. Not overly formal and traditional as a tuxedo, but also not too casual as a suit jacket and a pair of trousers, a smart three-piece suit will make you feel comfortable while looking classy. The best thing about this type of suits is that after the wedding ceremony is finished, you can take off the suit jacket and still look very presentable in your vest. This will also be a much practical option for when the music starts and you take on the dance floor with you Mrs. Additionally, after the wedding day, you can still use and wear the complete suit or its individual parts on different occasions.

Make sure that the suit fits you perfectlyMake sure that the suit fits you perfectly

Even the most dashing suit will not look good on you if it isn’t properly tailored. So, no matter if you are renting or buying, make sure to pay a visit to a trustworthy tailor who will customize the suit so that it looks flattering on you. A tailored suit will also enable you to move without any restrains and to be comfortable enough to show off all of your signature dance moves.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the little details on your suit that can make you look even better. For instance, if you want to look a bit broader, you should look for suits that are double-breasted and if your goal is to appear slimmer, you should opt for a darker-colored suit.

The trick is in the details

some sophisticated and classy watches
4 Fashion Rules for Grooms – Wrist Watch

Although the well-fitted suit is essential for any groom to look dashing, a truly complete and stylish look is achievable only when the right details are included. Firstly, you should look for some sophisticated and classy watches in order to find the right one that fits the style and color of your suit, as well as your personal fashion taste. A fashion piece such as an elegant watch is a subtle yet effective accessory that is a mark of a confident and stylish man.

another high-class detail that you should include in your wedding day outfit is a bow tie.
4 Fashion Rules for Grooms – Bow Ties

Secondly, another high-class detail that you should include in your wedding day outfit is a bow tie. Bow ties have been an important part of the history of fashion and many famous men, including one of our favorite fictional characters, James Bond, have worn them on many special occasions. The popularity of bow ties has resulted in the fact that in the present day, we have a variety of styles of this item available. So, you can go for a classic black silk one or go for a statement bow tie and thus incorporate a bit of color into the outfit. In case you opt for coordinating your style with your bride’s wedding dress, you can decide to wear a white bow tie, that has lace detailing on it and in this way, achieve the perfect wedding fashion harmony.

What is more, you can also go for an extraordinary pair of socks to spice up a classic outfit. A customized pair of socks, with your and your bride’s initials, embroidered on it will add a special and romantic note to any groom’s outfit.

Add the final touch with a snazzy pair of shoes

Add the final touch with a snazzy pair of shoes
4 Fashion Rules for Grooms – Shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes may not be the easiest task, but the effort certainly pays off as the perfect shoes will truly finish off a fashionable groom’s look. Most men go for brown or black ones, but another, more vibrant color is a great option as long as it’s in accordance with the rest of your outfit. When it comes to the style of the footwear, everything is an option from the classic Oxford shoes to loafers. Lastly, check that the shoes fit you and that you feel comfortable in them. You will be walking and dancing the whole day, so you don’t want any foot pain to prevent you from enjoying the most memorable day of your life.

Finally, follow these fashion tips and have the best time celebrating your love with your beloved bride and your family and friends.

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