Pink Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Pink Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Pink Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Just as pink is gaining popularity in the fashion world pink diamonds are on the verge of an explosion.

The highly coveted stones are amongst the rarest and priciest stones on earth with so few being found around the world per year.  These really are a gift to show affection to your loved one if she finds a pink diamond on her finger.

The rarity of investment grade pink diamonds means that they are not just found in the hands of royalty and the rich and famous, but many high-profile collectors and investors look to these wonders from the core of the earth to provide them with a nest egg for the future.

On the market today are a wide range of coloured diamonds, but pink diamonds are the prestigious stand-out member of the family.

These diamonds regularly have their own exhibitions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, costing in hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat.

Why Pink Diamonds are so Expensive?

The answer lies in just how rare and difficult to find these stones really are.  Until the discovery of the now famed Argyle Mine in Western Australia at the end of the 1970’s where mining began in the early 1980’s these diamonds were exclusive to a tiny and elite club.

The GIA stated ‘Of the millions of diamond mined each year only .001 per cent can qualify as fancy colours and only a handful can achieve top grades of Intense and Vivid.’

When you contextualise this, of the .001 per cent, pink diamonds are yet another tiny fraction again, so now you can see why they are so valuable and sought after.  Not only are you buying an incredible gift, but you are also adding an asset to your investment portfolio at the same time.

How Scarce are Pink Diamonds?

There are only a handful of mines globally that produce pink diamonds. Occasionally being found in various parts of India, Brasil and South Africa.  The game-changer was as I mentioned before the discovery of the Argyle Mine in Australia.

As of today, this mine produced over 90% of the world’s yearly supply of pink diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds are known for their vibrant and intense colour, coveted by so many.

As I mentioned at earlier they are on the verge of an explosion as these diamonds are about to get a lot rarer as Rio Tinto announced the closure of the Argyle mine in 2021, which is due to push the price of these rare assets considerably higher.

Indeed, in Australia, the retail market has grown whereby pink diamonds are not purely reserved for the rich and famous, or collectors with many certified dealers available for viewings throughout the major capital cities, so these are where if you are looking for the rarest of gifts, this is the place to look and with time running out before the 2021 now is the best time to do your research.

If you get your hands on a pink diamond, you will be in esteemed company. From Queen Elizabeth II to the Sultan of Brunei and a splattering of famous Hollywood stars in between; it seems everyone is captivated by the allure of pink diamonds.

Ben Affleck famously bought Jennifer Lopez a 6.00-carat pink diamond engagement ring; this was purported to have cost in the region of US$1.2 million.

From the Argyle mine, Enrique Iglesias had a pear-cut centre stone engagement ring made for ex-tennis star Anna Kournikova, weighing in at a hefty US$2.5 million.

So you appreciate what a rare and precious creation from the centre of the earth sits atop your finger when wearing one of these.


Unlike larger flashier stones, the beauty of these freaks of nature is their allure and the fact they are discreet, adding to their mystique, when that sparkle shines across a room, the owner and just a few others may know how unique that piece of jewellery really is.


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