Clean a Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

How to Clean a Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

How to Clean a Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

Diamond is the very Precious Stone on the Earth, and its jewelry is also precious, but they need special cleanness to maintain its sparkle. You can find a lot of information out there about how to buy a Perfect Engagement Ring, but little bit of guidelines for how to clear a Diamond Ring. If you wear Diamond Ring on a daily basis, then you should regularly clean diamonds at home in a couple of weeks. The Diamond Engagement ring is very precious and meaningful for you, so don’t lose its brilliance. Follow the given steps and clear your Diamond Ring Jewelry without any of the cost.

How to Clean a Diamond Engagement Ring at Home
How to Clean a Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

How to Clear Diamond Rings Jewellery

Everyone wants to know how to take care of Diamond Ring and how to maintain the Ring Brilliance. Because daily uses of Perfume, Lotion, Spray, and many other cosmetics created a thin layer of dust which decreases the Diamond’s Brilliance. Before starting the cleaning, you should know the Ring Status because each Diamond Engagement Ring is unique with many different metals and settings.

Step: 1

The Warm Water and Dish shop combination is the best way to clean your Diamond Ring Jewellery and doesn’t matter what’s a type of Ring Setting and Metal.

Firstly, Dip your Ring for about 20 to 40 minutes in a Solution of Warm Water and Dish Shop. Use a soft toothbrush to remove the thin layer of dust. You can continue this process to your satisfaction. After that wash your ring with normal water.

Step: 2

Windex and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is the best way to clean your silver and Gold Diamond Ring. Ready a 50/50 solution in the cup and dip the Diamond Ring for about 10 to 15 minutes. The Windex will help you to remove the daily dirt build-up and Hydrogen Peroxide will kill bacteria on the Ring. Remove all dirty parts of bacteria and dust with the help of a soft toothbrush.

Step: 3

With the help of the Vinegar and Baking Soda solution, you can clean your Silver and Diamond Ring. 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda mix in a bowl. Soak your ring for 2 to 3 hours in this solution. After that swill your ring in cold water and dry completely with a soft cloth.

Step 4:

The tomato Ketchup is another way to remove the dust on the Ring. If you wear the tarnish Silver Diamond Ring, then this solution is best. Dip your Ring into the Ketchup Solution for few minutes. Use the toothbrush to remove the dust. Swill the ring with lukewarm water and dry it.

Step 5:

You always heard that Beer is very helpful in hair falling and hair-related problems. But in the Diamond Jewellery Cleaning, it’s also played a good role. You can use the beer to clean the Solid Gold metal. Drop a little bit of beer on the soft cloth and rub it on the Ring. You will get the perfect result after applying this method.

What Do Diamond Engagement Ring Cleanness?

  • During the Ring buying Process, clear all doubts regarding Ring’s maintains and Clearness from the Jewelers. You can buy the Jewelry Cleaner without Chemical Solutions which will be perfect for your Diamond Jewelry.
  • You should need to remove the soap pieces clearly during the cleaning process and rinse your Diamond Engagement Ring.

What Don’t do for Diamond Ring Cleaning?

  • If you are wearing White Gold or Platinum jewelry, then the Thin layer of Lotion and cream can make your ring dirty. So, before applying lotion and any cosmetics, remove your ring.
  • If you are using some chlorine or other harsh chemicals to clean your certified Diamond Jewelry, then it’s can be damaged your jewelry.
  • During the cooking process, remove the Diamond Ring. Food or Oil can be stuck or damage your ring and decrease its brilliance.
  • Don’t use the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners at home, because the machine works by sending the vibrations through the water and cleaning solution in a minute. At this processing time, the stone can lose or even fall out in the machine.

Your Diamond Engagement Ring holds various sentimental value so it’s important to take care of it. Follow the above-provided steps and you can keep a clean and sparkling ring forever. If you have any suggestions and feedback, feel free to comment below.  We would love to hear from you all!

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