How Should Mother of the Bride Pose for Wedding Photos?

How Should Mother of the Bride Pose for Wedding Photos?

A wedding without photo sessions is irrelevant!

Have you ever heard someone say that? I hear this over and over because I am a photographer. Many times, I ask clients why they prioritize wedding photos, and they often give different opinions. One of the clients mentioned that most of the activities during the big day are meant to please friends and family members. However, wedding photography is primarily for him and his mate. And when I tried to think I realized there was a lot of truth in it. If you really think about it pragmatically, you will arrive at the same conclusion. Figure out life right after the wedding. Once the function comes to a conclusion, other people depart.

How Should Mother of the Bride Pose for Wedding Photos?
How Should Mother of the Bride Pose for Wedding Photos?

The memories they carry will depend on how well everything was carried out and this is indeed important. That is why individuals will do all it takes to decorate everything, including the invitation cards and the venue. But what about you and your mate? You are going to be together throughout from the time you make those marriage vows until death breaks the bond.

Wedding photos will always remind you of this special day throughout your life. Other people will definitely forget about it with time. There are moments when memories of this great day will remind you of the vows you made before the almighty God. But then, the quality of the photos taken is very important in this regard. It is not all about taking photos, much more is involved. It is important to decide in advance the appropriate photography style.

To make every photo count, we are going to discuss how to pose in detail. Pay attention to get the answer to the question –

“How Should Mother of the Bride Pose for Wedding Photos?”

Wedding Photography Posing Tips

Most of the photographers find it difficult to pose newlyweds, failing to know what they can do.  Shooting under pressure is difficult and if you are not careful, the quality of the photos will be compromised. You may find yourself asking the couples to kiss without paying attention to their positioning, facial expression, and body positioning among other critical things. A good portrait will involve the following:

• Light quality

• Composition

• Exposure

• Flattering pose

Failure to appropriately pose clients can be equated to a lack of a significant ingredient in your favorite meal. It all cannot taste as it should. Let us look at how the bride’s mother should pose.

How Brides Mothers Should Pose

As the mother to the bride, you play an integral part in the success of your daughter’s wedding day, especially in photo sessions. In order to pose appropriately, use the following tips:

• Dress early. You should have hair and makeup ahead of the bride.

• Choose an appropriate dress. Most of the mothers fear appearing quite young and slim in the photos. Pick a fitted dress but do not forget an arm coverage. A loose and flowing one can actually appear good, though it adds weight to photos.

Is this helpful? Well, to clearly understand how to pose correctly, let us look at the overall posing tips. Some of these tips apply to both couples and their parents, while others are specific. Let us see…

Body parts: the spine as well as hands and eyes. Do you find it difficult to make people look tall, stylish, and quite confident? The best way to go about this is by asking them to expand their spines, not allowing slumping. The spine is the basic foundation of any fantastic pose. If you do not focus on the spine, the entire pose will be poor. For this reason, always ensure the spines of your clients are straight and tall. If you do that, the posing will be very perfect. The following points are very helpful:

a) Ensure everything is simple and fine for the eyes, either looking straight at the camera or downwards. Be clear on what you want and avoid pointing your finger aimlessly.

b) When it comes to posing the hands, there are various options. For instance, the bride or any person you are capturing may hold the dress or the veil. The most important thing in this regard is for the hands to be doing something. Letting them hang downwards will be a poor posing. Make sure the forearm is visible rather than the amputated elbow. Besides, the arms can also be raised for the ring to be seen.

c) Try to practically show the bride how you want them to pose rather than communicate throughout. I have personally mastered all the feminine posing yet am a man. It is possible.

Gentleman’s Club. Try your best to ensure the groom appears classy and very handsome. How can you achieve this? It is now the exact opposite of how you pose the brides. Make him look quite imposing by lifting the back leg, and shifting the weight onward. For fantastic shots of the upper body, he can as well lean forward. The following can also help:

a) He should lean forward but the head should be tilted in the direction of the lower shoulder. Make sure the hands are doing something, either buttoning, tuning the cuffs or putting one of the hands in the pocket.

b) Let his one hand be near the face just make sure he has an intention for posing.

Group photos. Here there is only one concern – the couples are not important devotees of family formals. However, nearly all the posing d=strategies apply in all cases. To save on time and avoid rushing, draft a list of all the group photos that must be taken. It is also important to ask in advance about family dynamics. This will help to avoid awkward situations, such as putting divorced parents of the spouses together.

•    When posing children, try to gamify. Children play a very significant role in wedding photos. Nevertheless, you need to be patient in order to pose children.


This blog has illustrated the significance of wedding photography as well as how to pose appropriately. Plan in advance everything you want. In case you are short of funds, consider taking a personal loan rather than eliminating some important things. Still, some wedding photographers such Wure offer all services at affordable costs. So then do everything within your power to make everything count.

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