Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas for Adrenaline Junkie Couples

4 Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas for Adrenaline Junkie Couples

Ready to trade one great thrill for another? When you’re riding the high of your wedding and looking forward to making some spectacular memories during your honeymoon, what better way to keep in the groove than some adventure? Here are our top four suggestions that’ll knock your socks off.

High Thrill Hotels

If you’re looking forward to being on the go all the time, why not stay in a hotel geared towards what you’re interested in? Snowboarding mountain resorts are a great place to go, if snow is what gets your heart pumping, and you’ll be able to find tips on the hottest slopes around. Alternatively, you could pick a resort geared towards rock climbing, spelunking, or some other adventure that you’ve wanted to try your whole life.

Stirring Sightseeing

Okay, so maybe you’d like to have some stellar pictures after your honeymoon or take a chance to see all the sights. That doesn’t mean you need to cut out the thrills at all! Invest in a helmet camera and pick a spot known for its zip lines or paragliding. If you’re having an off-day during the trip, or you feel like taking it easy, chances are the area will have a great helicopter tour option. While it’s not quite as thrilling as a ropes course or parasailing, it could make for a phenomenal “chill day” alternative.

Get Grounded

We promise this tip is way more fun than it sounds. Have you ever taken an ATV ride? If not, this might be the time! Get close to the ground to see the scenery and snag your adrenaline rush in an entirely different way. This is another chance to explore a new set of scenery and try out a new type of wheels without actually investing in a car right after your honeymoon. If you are getting married in the winter you can also try going out on a Snowmobile. You can rent them at many resorts, but if you want to make sure you have helmets that fit you can get them from a snowmobile supply store beforehand. This is a great tip for people with very petite frames or big heads that usually won’t fit whatever is leftover at a rental. Hot or cold, traveling next to your sweetheart will make memories that will last a lifetime. Exploring new terrains and sharing in the rush of the ride.

Get Up, Go Down

For those of you who want to be even more hands-on, how about picking a honeymoon destination known for its rock climbing or cliff diving? Chances are the first will get you near some gorgeous mountains, while the second might take you to the best beach you’ve ever seen. From there, it’s not hard to look into major hikes and mountain biking, or surfing and scuba diving. Teaming up to get more of a hands-on thrill is a great way to spend time together after all the hectic rush of wedding planning and honeymoon traveling.

Whatever your plans for your wedding day, make sure the next trip you take is an event to remember—after all, the honeymoon’s not over. It’s still all about the two of you!

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