Tungsten Wedding Rings Are Here to Stay

Tungsten Wedding Rings Are Here to Stay

The world of fashion is a dynamic one and it keeps changing. In this context, we could say that even men’s wedding band styles and designs continue to change as well. What your father had flaunted on his wedding day is definitely different from what you are planning to wear on the most special day of your life. Fashion and styles are known to be fluid. They seem to be forever evolving even in men’s jewelry scenario. In the 1970s it was conventional for a man to wear a simple yellow gold band for his special day. In the 1980s, however, the trend was toward flaunting a few diamonds on the traditional gold wedding bands. Then in the 1990s men began gravitating to platinum and white gold. The early 2000s witnessed the meteoric rise of unconventional metals like tungsten, titanium and the like. So what are the hottest trends in men’s wedding rings? Tungsten rings are the current rage among the modern men today.

In the past few years, tungsten wedding rings have gained tremendous popularity and have found a niche for themselves in the world of fashion jewelry.

Tungsten Rings Revolutionizing Men’s Wedding Jewelry
Today’s modern and fashion-conscious men are increasingly opting for tungsten wedding rings for their special day. Wolfram or Tungsten is actually a rare metal that is found amongst the natural bounties of Mother Earth. After tungsten has been mined, it is then combined with carbon under high temperatures using usually nickel as a binder alloy for producing a fascinating grayish powder. The grayish powder is then pressed and formed into a plethora of shapes. Tungsten carbide jewelry has completely taken the world of fashion by storm.
It has truly revolutionized the art of jewelry designing & jewelry making. This is simply because Tungsten is a magical mix of many desirable properties. The classic silver/gray color has now been extended to include white and the hot favorite black rings. The durability of tungsten rings has also been enhanced and it could stay scratch-free and shiny as new forever without any need for repair or re-polishing. Tungsten rings are the hottest trend today in men’s fashion jewelry scenario. You could now have easy access to a broad spectrum of styles that make tungsten jewelry the most popular in recent times.
Why Tungsten Rings Are Perfect Men’s Accessories?
It is observed that today men are under tremendous pressure to be fashion-conscious and well-groomed. They have never been pressurized so much to take good care of their looks ever before. It is pretty unusual today to find men, who are not really bothered about their looks or those who are not taking care of their appearance and personality. Modern men are trying their best to stay abreast with the latest fashion trends and choose the accessories that are just perfect for them in terms of personality, taste, status, and lifestyle. Men ought to make a fashion statement by flaunting the perfect accessories that would add to their looks and personality. In previous times, only the watch was good enough to be used as a fashion statement. The contemporary man is never satisfied with anything mediocre and is in the habit of settling only for the best. Tungsten rings are certainly the best choice for enhancing a guy’s style and boosting his appearance. Needless to say, a tungsten ring is just right for complementing a fashion-conscious gentleman and could be an exceptional choice for an attractive and off-beat wedding band.
Why Tungsten Rings?
Tungsten rings are well-known for their toughness and durability. It is their toughness and everlasting property that make them just right for rough use or every day wear. Tungsten rings are perfect for those men who are into manual jobs but wish to carry on wearing their wedding bands even at the workplace. Tungsten rings are scratch-resistant and would look flawless and shiny irrespective of your profession. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should not directly expose tungsten rings to harsh chemicals like cleaning materials.
Creating Your Look & Personality
From the point of view of fashion, tungsten rings look amazing when worn alone. However, a man would look even more dashing if he wore a bracelet or a designer watch to complete the entire look. You could look even more distinguished if you try other pieces of tungsten jewelry along with the tungsten wedding bands. It is a good idea to flaunt tungsten tie bar or cufflinks to boost your overall appearance and help you stand out from the rest. You could look good by not going overboard and staying understated. A tungsten ring is a perfect accessory for a man who is interested in looking good and wants chic accessories in his wardrobe.
Out of the Ordinary
A tungsten ring is not a regular accessory. Standard tungsten rings look stunning and would steal the show wherever you go if you are wearing a tungsten ring. Tungsten rings have different inlay options which make them stand out from the rest. For the man who prefers the macho look and manly accessories, these rings are perfect for a variety of inlays right from ordinary stuff like wood to the more exclusive and exotic like meteorite and caribou antler. Why should you wear the usual accessory when you could wear a striking one with a difference?
Perfect for Men
Tungsten rings are undoubtedly the perfect rings for men. Right from the perspective of their durability to their toughness, the ability to instill an edge to your overall look and the potential for mind-blowing inlay materials, the superb tungsten rings are really perfect for the man of substance.
Fads and trends in jewelry and fashion tend to keep coming and going. But the tungsten rings seemed to have captured the hearts and imagination of people in a big way and it is difficult to regard it as just a passing phase or temporary phenomenon. Just like the longevity of the tungsten rings, it is quite likely that the popularity of these rings would remain forever. Tungsten rings have caught the fancy of all those people who were bored of the usual gold and silver rings and were looking for something off-beat. Tungsten rings come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles that have given a whole new dimension to men’s wedding rings. Make a style statement by flaunting a bright and bold tungsten ring today.
Author Bio: Laura Bertrand is an artist and jewelry designer. She has worked all her life towards designing quirky, unusual, and pretty designs for jewelry ranging from minimalist to gaudy. She posts updates on every new project she undertakes like her recent venture into tungsten carbide rings, on her blog.

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