Tools That Help Mold You Into A Star Videographer

Tools That Help Mold You Into A Star Videographer

Landing a job recording a wedding often comes down to the smallest of details. However, getting the proper tools in place not only helps guarantee you stand out from the rest of the pack. So what tools do a star videographer need to have, outside of the obvious equipment to record the wedding and capture the still images? That is what is about to be revealed and help you get the best results for your business.

Social Media Marketing Tools And Professional Website

Social media is a great way to reach out to your clients and keep in touch with them. However, with the popularity of social media, it tends to be a great way to find new leads from former clients. With that being said, scheduling multiple posts and finding the proper information to post is almost a full-time job on its own.

Now, you most likely do not want to hire someone to do the work for you as that is more money out of your budget. This is where you need to use tools to help out. A very popular tool is Hootsuite which you can use to schedule out posts for weeks to months at a time. The program is actually very easy to use and like most of the social media, tools do have a free trial you can use. Then you can experiment with the program before you subscribe to see exactly how it will help your business grow.

A website is definitely a major tool. The website allows you to showcase everything that your clients want to see. The website if done properly allows your customers to contact you as well and get a pricing guide in some cases for different packages.

Tools That Help Mold You Into A Star Videographer
Tools That Help Mold You Into A Star Videographer

File Organization Tools

Okay, a great feature about Windows and Mac computers is they allow for separate files based off of the video you have recorded. The downside is even with the organization you are using from the basic file system to a more advanced system is they can get lost. To avoid this, you should consider some of the file organization tools.

A great solution to this issue that not only expands the file storage space but allows for tag and date created organization is ZoHo Docs. This program allows for an advanced form of organization that you normally would not get but allows for searches by multiple formats from media files to the basic text or tags that you have assigned. You can likely find other programs that allow the same, but for reliability, ZoHo Docs tends to be one of the most reliable services on the market.

Video Editing Software

The video editing software has to be the newest and latest that you can find. This allows your camera’s software, which tends to be very advanced in the modern world, to meet with your video software. The software that you get often provides a perfectly polished video and know the video looks great. One of the best that you can find that has every type of tool you can imagine and a strong reputation would be the Adobe packages.


No matter what type of marketing you do, if you do not have the proper cameras the chances are good your potential clients will quickly remove you from their list of cool videographers. Most clients do their research to get the perfect preservation of the important day. What else are most people recognize the brand of the cameras as well and judge only off of that name? So sad as it sounds, you need to make sure you have the latest cameras and can answer any question about them that your clients may have.

Video Conference Tools

Most of us have heard of Skype before and may have used it before. While Skype is very popular, it is not always the best option for you to use as it does have some features that are not at a professional standard. To get the professional standard you may want to consider programs like Google Meets. Some people may want to avoid Google altogether and that means exploring a program like a Zoom or ezTalks, both of which are very professional and lend quite a bit of creditability to your company.

What else the video conferencing tools provide is the chance for the clients to meet with you multiple times after the creation of the footage. This means all the errors, even with the best software they still come up, to be corrected immediately. Then you know the clients are satisfied and you did a job well done.

Being a videographer is very rewarding, but you need to stand out if you want to get the best results. To do that you need the best tools on the market and while it all starts with the proper camera it is so much more. You have to get the proper marketing tools, social media help, but also the efficient website and organization. A combination of all the tools and a professional video editing service that finishes your hard work to deliver an amazing video allows you to get the best results for your clients.

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