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8 Must-Capture Moments of Your Wedding

8 Must-Capture Moments of Your Wedding You’ll Want to Treasure for a Lifetime

There are many firsts with a new relationship. The first date, the first kiss and then, the marriage proposal. After that, there are several firsts at the wedding: the reveal of the bride to the groom, the first kiss as a married couple, the first dance, and so much more.

You want beautiful wedding videography to capture every moment so you can share and cherish it for years and years. There are many “must-capture” moments you want the person video-graphing the wedding to put on their list. Here are 9 of those moments.

1. Getting Ready, Apart

The videographer should be with each of you as you get ready. This would be after you are dressed, and as you add the final touches. Usually, your friends or parents are helping you add the last parts of your outfit.

2. The Reveal

This is a part of the pre-wedding production. When the bride reveals herself, and her dress, to the waiting groom. This moment was traditionally captured at the altar, which still could be a rather beautiful moment.

3. During the Ceremony

This is typically a shot of the bride and groom at the alter and taken from the back of the church. It might include close-ups of each of the wedding party and important people.

4. Special Guests

Give the wedding videographer a list of who is important to you. This could be parents, grandparents, special friends, and family members. The list will help the person working the camera to get more recordings of the special people as well as the wedding party.

5. The First Kiss

This would be at the altar, towards the end of the ceremony. It is a special moment you’ll want to have on film to commemorate the moment you sealed the deal.

6. Everyday Wedding Moments

If you have a photographer as well as a videographer, you’ll be heading to a park or other local wedding photo spot before the reception. This is a great time to capture natural interactions between different individuals within the wedding party.

7. Candid Moments

Sincere interactions among the people helping to celebrate your day will be something you will cherish each time you watch your wedding video.

This could also include natural moments at the wedding reception when people are mingling or dancing and not worrying about being recorded.

8. Entering the Reception

Today, many couples will choreograph a special type of entrance into the reception. Some dance in as a couple, other reenact scenes from romantic movies like Dirty Dancing.

This is a time to showcase what might have brought the couple together or what holds them together like a shared interest or a new found love of a sport.

There are going to be many special moments during your big day, and you’ll want to capture each of them to view over and over. A video of your special day will last a lifetime, and be something you can share with loved ones, children and grandchildren and everyone interested in the story of your love.

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